Turner wants to help DHL dodge taxes

When is a gift not a gift? When it helps a foreign investor who has already received millions in tax breaks and subsidies over the years- avoid paying more taxes after it shafts its American workforce.

In yet another bit of “political logic” Mike Turner wants DHL to give “the community” back a white elephant that the government originally built, and abandoned- much the same way as DHL is about to do (the DHL facility is the former Rickenbacker Air Force Base):

Turner: DHL would consider public donation of Wilmington property
The cargo delivery company DHL has said it would consider donating its entire Wilmington freight hub operation to the community if the company concludes a business deal with United Parcel Service that could wipe out thousands of Wilmington jobs, U.S. Rep. Mike Turner and a state official said Monday, June 30.

Turner, R-Centerville, spoke after meeting privately with employees of ABX Air, the DHL-employed cargo airline that could be replaced by DHL’s proposed contract to have UPS handle all of DHL’s U.S. air cargo transport. DHL said it expects to negotiate the deal within three months.

“I think DHL is making a terrible mistake,” Turner said of the proposal.

Kevin Carver, an Ohio Department of Development regional official based in Dayton, confirmed that DHL has said in conversations with top state officials that it would consider publicly donating the 2,200-acre Wilmington property if the UPS deal goes through, in order to help Ohio find new use for the operation. The property includes two runways, control tower and dozens of buildings, including more than one million square feet of cargo sorting space. DHL’s two contractor airlines at Wilmington, ABX Air and ASTAR Air Cargo, fly DHL overnight delivery packages to cities across the United States each night.

I know that some of my astute readers will say I suggested the same thing for the GM plant in Moraine not long ago and that I seem like a hypocrite- I’ll explain.

While both companies are getting hammered by fuel prices, the GM plant has alternative uses: building smaller cars, rail cars, refrigerators, airparks, unless you want to try to bring in one of the private companies trying to run a space launch business, aren’t really useful these days as airports.

Dayton lost Emery not long ago to UPS, and for Wilmington to lose DHL is pretty much the price we pay for not investing in high speed rail-and subsidizing businesses to locate in the middle of nowhere, far away from where employees live. DHL used to run a bus to bring employees from Dayton to Wilmington daily- if that’s any indication of failed economic planning.

For right now, it’s time to ask DHL back for all the tax breaks they accepted, and to keep charging them for the property taxes that the facility should be paying. To take it off the tax rolls is just another kick in the gut to an already reeling Wilmington.

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