Henry Paulson

Bailout Bullshit, Part 2: Wooden arrow tax breaks

It’s absolutely fitting that in the midst of a huge financial crisis our “representatives” in “government” are “multi-tasking” while making the $700 Billion decision- to make sure wooden arrows get a break too. You know, the kinds you could use, along with garlic, to kill a vampire? The problem is, the bloodsuckers are the ones Read More

Free markets aren’t free when they fail.

Things went from bad to worse this week, with two major investment banks floundering and a mega-insurer becoming a ward of the State. All of a sudden, naked short-selling is getting the heave ho, as an industry built on greed finally saw that the well does in fact, run dry. While the “geniuses” on Wall Read More

Smoke and Mirrors and sleight of hand

As many of you know, I ride a motorcycle and a scooter. I also like to ride my bicycle- so this is appropriate. However, it also demonstrates the same things we run into in politics. After you’ve counted the number of passes the white team makes- continue reading: