Ben Bernanke

Money, smarts, and politics

A few videos that I’ve watched lately that I think you should watch too. Daniel Pink– on what motivates people to do great things dispels the myth that our grossly paid CEOs are worth the money: A lot of people have watched this video- and it came to me via Seth Godin. I love the Read More

Jobs create workable sustainable communities

There aren’t enough tax dollars in the city, state or even the federal treasuries to keep buying safe communities. At a cost to the city of millions of dollars, what we are really investing in is propping up the real estate around a major employer and tax base. This wasn’t necessary in the fifties, because Read More

Fed cuts rate to 1.5% yet, you won’t see a cut on credit card interest rates

Once again, the Fed has cut the rate it charges banks for money, in an effort to spur the economy. Uncle Sam takes care of those “too big to fail” yet- absolutely fails the consumer it claims it’s trying to help spend more freely. Now at 1.5% we’re getting close to giving away the dollar Read More

Bailout Bullshit, Part 2: Wooden arrow tax breaks

It’s absolutely fitting that in the midst of a huge financial crisis our “representatives” in “government” are “multi-tasking” while making the $700 Billion decision- to make sure wooden arrows get a break too. You know, the kinds you could use, along with garlic, to kill a vampire? The problem is, the bloodsuckers are the ones Read More