Smoke and Mirrors and sleight of hand

As many of you know, I ride a motorcycle and a scooter. I also like to ride my bicycle- so this is appropriate.

However, it also demonstrates the same things we run into in politics.

After you’ve counted the number of passes the white team makes- continue reading:

While we’re watching the economy collapse due to the greediness of corporate chiefs (the picture of the five white male oil execs testifying in Congress about why they should be allowed to reap 123 billion in profits last year- while the rest of us went broke) we’re getting fed a line of bunk about how the fed is going to provide oversight, yet, the people most responsible for the collapse- investment bankers, are getting no real changes in regulation.

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson was shooting bricks Monday when he announced new regulation. But the electorate didn’t care- economics and regulation isn’t sexy. We seem to put more weight on blow jobs in the White House than blowing up economies and countries that didn’t attack us.

If you aren’t outraged by the way we run political campaigns- and the constant quest for funds, that bring strings attached, you are missing the first clear step we HAVE to take to bring this country back to being a country “of the people, for the people.”

Remember, those five white men who made off with the $123 billion, they can buy more votes on Capitol Hill than we can amass at the voting booth any day of the week.

Even if we rail in the oil profits, we still need to realize that we can’t continue to build a country based on oil fueled transportation. Imagine how many electric bullet trains we could have funded with $123 billion?

There is a moonwalking bear among us, we’re just not paying attention to the right things.

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