Legal, illegal, and illogical gambling

The online poker sites got shut down. The online fantasy sports leagues have run into a bit of trouble because the only people who were winning were working with inside info. Yet Wall Street is still going a hundred miles a minute with all kinds of convoluted “financial products” with absolutely zero oversight. Need proof? Read More

Houses of ill repute vs. regulators of no respect

To continue our discussion of the capricious limit on liquor permits in the Oregon District, where the  limit of 17 magic licenses reduces competition and free markets- we find that when others sell liquor without state sanction- they  are “hot spots for violence, drugs and prostitution” according to the Dayton Daily headline: Sanders’ sister, Florence Read More

Ted Strickland isn’t sure what’s important to you

So, Ted Strickland is sending out a survey. Looking over his questions- it’s pretty clear he’s not a deep thinker. Which issues are most important to you?: Creating Jobs Reforming Education Making college more affordable Developing advanced energy Expanding access to health care Protecting sportsmen’s rights Cutting taxes Honoring our veterans Balancing budgets via Ted Read More

Maybe this is why Warren County is growing?

I’ve been scratching my head ever since this Strickland plan to legalize slots at horse tracks got passed- considering it was explicitly voted down. Thankfully- the Warren County Commission still has the good sense to point out this is a handover of a monopoly without a bid: Warren County commissioners may challenge the governor’s video Read More