Wizards of Wall Street

Legal, illegal, and illogical gambling

The online poker sites got shut down. The online fantasy sports leagues have run into a bit of trouble because the only people who were winning were working with inside info. Yet Wall Street is still going a hundred miles a minute with all kinds of convoluted “financial products” with absolutely zero oversight. Need proof? Read More

Play the MegaMillions lottery because you can’t play the MegaBillions lottery

Today, many of you who don’t play the lottery, may decide to plunk down a buck or two on the “MegaMillions” for a chance to win $540 million. In their “how to play” section, it doesn’t take that long to tell you what you have to do to win- “MegaMillions tickets cost $1.00 per play. Read More

Speculation rules on cotton changed- why not everything else?

The price of gas just jumped. No real reason, Egypt isn’t really a factor in our oil markets, but- speculators are and at least one exchange said enough is enough. You’ve heard of Egyptian cotton right? And although there is no proof in disruption to the cotton industry yet- speculators have had a field day Read More

It’s law and order time

Last night there were three crews covering the entire central business district. Just one domestic violence call ties up two of them. It’s not enough. There is zero proactive police work being done in Dayton right now thanks to tight budgets and diminished ranks. Even the best police work is hampered by a prosecutor who Read More