Ted Strickland isn’t sure what’s important to you

So, Ted Strickland is sending out a survey.

Looking over his questions- it’s pretty clear he’s not a deep thinker.

Which issues are most important to you?:

Creating Jobs

Reforming Education

Making college more affordable

Developing advanced energy

Expanding access to health care

Protecting sportsmen’s rights

Cutting taxes

Honoring our veterans

Balancing budgets

via Ted Strickland | Survey: What matters to you?.

How about just making Ohio a great place to live and work? That means coming in tops in things like average income, access to quality education, affordable health care and feeling good about more than just Buckeye Football.

Government isn’t about doing one thing better than the others- it’s about serving the most people, the best possible living experience.

What’s your plan Ted? What’s your vision? You’ve had 3 years to express it- and all I’ve heard was that gambling is somehow a big part of your solution.

Doesn’t mean I won’t vote for you- but, it’s only because the other guy is a bigger part of the problem.

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