Dayton Police Department

DPD to reorganize

The Dayton Police Department is in a world of hurt. In the next 2 years they are going to lose a lot of their senior staff to the DROP program- and they still haven’t come up with a way to hire new officers. The department, because they insist on running their own academy (a practice Read More

Violated- again

When the phone goes off in the middle of the night- it’s never a good sign, especially when it says “ALARM”- as in alarm company- not time to wake up. Those of you who’ve been reading a while, remember the first “violated” post- June 10, 2009. That time, someone kicked in the back door of Read More

Public insubordination by Dayton Police Union Leader

Is it a legal order or not? City police officers are now prohibited from asking the immigration status of a witness or victim of a crime in hopes it eases fears some ethnic groups have of law enforcement. Police Chief Richard Biehl issued the executive order to his nearly 390 officers on Dec. 30 telling Read More

How bike unfriendly is the Dayton PD?

I woke up at 5:30 am today- looking forward to the bike summit. A mecca for people working to make Dayton a leading, functional cycling environment. About the same time, my housemate, on his way to work, on my mountain bike- wearing dress shoes, slacks, dress shirt and tie- was being pulled over on Buckeye Read More

From ending gun violence meeting- to meeting a gun on the street

I’m still not sure what I was thinking, or if I was thinking. But, it has me thinking (and writing in a stream of consciousness style- sorry). I was headed back from the Wesley Center on Delphos where I had met with Dr. Robert Walker and Shallom Coleman and others to discuss ways to stop Read More

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