DPD to reorganize

The Dayton Police Department is in a world of hurt. In the next 2 years they are going to lose a lot of their senior staff to the DROP program- and they still haven’t come up with a way to hire new officers.
The department, because they insist on running their own academy (a practice that should be examined for either elimination or growth- if it can start generating revenue) has its hands tied thanks to the self-inflicted Department of Justice lawsuit.
Chief Biehl presented a plan to reorganize the department to the city commission last night- shrinking the 5 districts into 3, central plus East and West. How the officers will actually be deployed is not covered in the presentation. I’ve taken the Powerpoint and turned it into a PDF for those who are interested: DPD Org Chart (as of 8-30-10)

With the shrinking force, and shrinking budget- the department is going to have a really hard time staffing for extra enforcement or dealing with illness and vacation times. While the department of old still required sworn officers in many administrative positions (at one point a veteran Sergeant was in charge of the motor pool) those days should be over soon.

Manpower won’t be able to be cut anymore- so if the department is to cut dollars from the budget it’s going to have to be by operating more efficiently. I still believe moving some officers over to 200cc scooters with their 80 mpg fuel efficiency and easy approachability factor is an option for the department to save some money and improve visibility as well as social interaction in the community.

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