Public insubordination by Dayton Police Union Leader

Is it a legal order or not?

City police officers are now prohibited from asking the immigration status of a witness or victim of a crime in hopes it eases fears some ethnic groups have of law enforcement.

Police Chief Richard Biehl issued the executive order to his nearly 390 officers on Dec. 30 telling them, “Citizens must feel free to call for police services without fear of undue repercussions.”

If you have the head of the union questioning the Chief of police in public- without taking it up in the courts, we have a real problem. One way or another- we can’t have two Chiefs and it’s time to stop playing games:

Dayton police union president Randy Beane disagrees with Biehl’s order, saying it circumvents federal law officers are asked to follow regarding illegal immigrants. Beane said some officers disagree with Biehl’s order so strongly they said they are willing to disobey it.

“We believe that anyone in this country should be legal or in the process of becoming legal,” Beane said. “In this age of terrorism it is our duty to make sure someone is legally living in this country.”

via Officers ordered not to ask for immigration status | Dayton area crime.

Personally, I agree with the Chief, it does no good to have crimes unreported for fear of deportation. It’s no different than people fearing calling the police on drug dealers for fear of retribution. If we follow Beane’s logic- all the dopers have to do is start hiring illegal aliens to deal their drugs and no one will ever call. Crime will become the major economic engine in the city of Dayton.

If Beane has a problem he should be filing a grievance and having the courts decide. In the mean time his instructions to officers should be to follow the chief’s decision. Last I checked, Randy Beane isn’t a Supreme Court Justice- and if this is his way of leading officers- he should be be fired with cause.

There is no room for second guessing by the rank and file of a legal binding order. If we need a ruling, it should come from the Courts- not Lord Beane.

It’s time Chief Biehl showed who wears the stars and who wears the bars.

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