How bike unfriendly is the Dayton PD?

I woke up at 5:30 am today- looking forward to the bike summit. A mecca for people working to make Dayton a leading, functional cycling environment. About the same time, my housemate, on his way to work, on my mountain bike- wearing dress shoes, slacks, dress shirt and tie- was being pulled over on Buckeye Street by not one, but two Dayton Police Department cruisers.

The offense- ostensibly, ignoring a stop sign. The kicker- lack of a functioning head and tail light (I don’t have them).

This isn’t the first instance I’ve written about cops playing hardball with bicyclists. It also happened to one of my employees at 6:30 pm when the sun was still out: It’s 6:30pm, do you know what the Dayton Police are doing?

My housemate is bi-racial. The cops said something about some woman had complained about being hassled on the West side.

He let my housemate off with a warning. I now have $32 invested in lights to protect me from cops- since they do zilch to stop idiots on cell phones from hitting me. Now we know bikes without lights are critical reasons for cops stopping bicyclists and making them late for work-

I’m going to end this the same way I ended the other post.

Do you feel safer?

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