Dayton Daily News Editorial board

DDN picks the sacrificial lamb

The wise ones at the Dayton Daily News, the ones who endorse Mike Turner every time (even though they don’t agree with him), have chosen a 25-year-old college dropout who has “been involved in political causes for a long time” to go head-to-head with Turner for Congress. Yes- the same people who endorsed Rhine McLin, Read More

Quicktake on the DDN editorial board meeting

Guy Fogle looks like a politician. Joe Roberts sounds like a politician. And then, there’s me. That’s my take from the screening by the Dayton Daily News editorial board of the three candidates for the special democratic primary for OH-3 which takes place on Tuesday, July 13, 2010. The questions were softies- as if the Read More

What the Dayton Daily News misses in endorsements

In my last post we talked about the failings of “You Betcha, Belcher” and her crew at the Dayton Daily News editorial board. The competency of questioning and the actual accuracy of their statements border on  libel. But, that never stopped them from actually presenting information that would be useful- no, that would be up Read More

The “tough work of Ellen Belcher” – you betcha

Straight up- I’m no fan of any members of the Dayton Daily News Editorial board (past or present). After at least 6 or 7 sessions with them (who’s counting anyways) I can tell you, I’ve faced tougher, more insightful questions from school kids. Ellen Belcher took some of her valuable time and editorial space a Read More

Mea culpa, editorial board stays…

Last night I engaged in spiteful, unfounded and plain mean yellow journalism- by reporting that the Dayton Daily News editorial board was getting the axe: it looks like we won’t have to listen to the editorial board of Ellen Belcher, Martin Gottlieb and Scott Elliott anymore. via Sayonara Editorial board: Cox cuts the brain dead. Read More

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