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DDN picks the sacrificial lamb

The wise ones at the Dayton Daily News, the ones who endorse Mike Turner every time (even though they don’t agree with him), have chosen a 25-year-old college dropout who has “been involved in political causes for a long time” to go head-to-head with Turner for Congress.

Yes- the same people who endorsed Rhine McLin, want to send a lamb to a lions’ fight:

Joe Roberts also lists education as his top priority, seeking an “overhaul” of “the system.” He points to U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown as a role model, and expresses general support of the Democratic “platform.”

He is a political consultant, saying he has worked for such low-profile candidates as Stephanie Studebaker and Dr. Mark MacNealy (who each briefly put their names up to run against Rep. Turner). Dr. MacNealy is the fellow whose withdrawal resulted in this special election.

Mr. Roberts has been involved in political causes (immigration reform, Barack Obama, Israel) for a long time, or at least long for his age, 25.

And of course, they couldn’t resist trying to pigeon-hole me:

Mr. Esrati wants to be known not simply for running for election repeatedly, but for his blog, which he says fosters public discussion of issues and offers his views on them.

He mentions Rep. Dennis Kucinich, of the Cleveland area, as a political role model. As a presidential candidate, Rep. Kucinich took positions to the left of then-Sen. Obama and everybody else.

Mr. Esrati’s thinking continues to be hard to track. At the editorial board meeting, he said he favored the Obama stimulus, but would oppose a second one on constitutional grounds. (He invoked the 10th Amendment and the commerce clause.) Given that the Constitution hasn’t changed, there’s a disconnect in his logic.

Known for a confrontational temperament, he is unsuited to public office, better suited to gadfly status.

The best choice is Mr. Roberts, though, like Mr. Fogle, he would be a better choice for a lower-level job.

via Editorial: Joe Roberts best Dem bet in 3rd District primary | A Matter of Opinion [1].

And, of course, they are welcome to their opinion.

But, they aren’t allowed to do it in secret anymore. I’ve had it with the high-handed treatment- so I recorded it for you to listen to. Why not? They had their recorders (2 of them) going.


You can listen and form your own opinion.

And- as a final note: If you believe in something, and keep trying to accomplish it, why would you be mocked for trying and failing? Thomas Edison, Michael Jordan and many other successful people will tell you- true winners don’t give up.

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Interviewer: “Um, just a logistical question, is this your letter?”
David Esrati: “Yes it is”
Interviewer: “Who’s it from?”
David Esrati: “It’s from Ice Bandit, and it’s just as signed as any of the stuff you post on your site, you have people commenting all the time…”
Pure gold!

Bubba Jones

>>> If you believe in something, and keep trying to accomplish it, why would you be mocked for trying and failing? Thomas Edison, Michael Jordan and many other successful people will tell you- true winners don’t give up. <<<   David, I certainly admire your tenacity for continuing to run for office in order to implement change.  I would never mock you for that however, in the past you have been your own (borrowed) definition of insanity – continuing to do things the same way (pissing people off!!) but expecting a different result (actually winning an election).  That was the genesis of my “advice” to you yesterday.   I do really wish you luck and success this time!!   Once again the DDN has proven that they’re nothing but a bunch of know-nothings, continuing to say the same things about you that they’ve said for years.  And, for good measure they’ve pulled “gadfly” out of their political definitions handbook to describe you.  Sheesh, DDN!!  Come up with something new for a change!  No wonder your readership base is declining so quickly!!   Their pick of Joe Roberts is laughable!  I had no idea of his age before you posted it but I’m having a hard time even thinking that someone his age is qualified to run regardless of the amount of “political consulting” that he may claim as experience.  I certainly wouldn’t be bragging about the fact that both candidates that I worked for dropped out of the race before election day!!  I wonder if he was the one that told Stephanie that it would be a good idea to kick her husband’s ass on a Sunday morning in order to draw attention to her campaign?  Robert’s age also explains the endorsement letter that he submitted.  I thought it was kind of interesting that the writer mentioned that he was a friend that he graduated from high school with.  I wonder if both Roberts and the letter writer still live with their parents?   And, in true elitist fashion, they had to mention Fogle’s position at the Moraine Country Club.  I’ll… Read more »


I read the article and it said that Roberts couldn’t finish college because of his inability to pay – although it appears that he has a career even without a diploma. I think that is something that alot of families in the Miami Valley are facing every day. Middle class families are screwed in this country when it comes to paying for college – the rich can obviously afford it and the poor get financial help, but its the middle class that suffer. Your flippant attitude towards someone who has struggled doesn’t make you a better candidate, but in my opinion one who is out of touch with much of the Third District’s needs and wants.

Ice Bandit

Known for a confrontational temperament, he (David Esrati) is unsuited to public office, better suited to gadfly status. (DDN editorial endorsing Joe Roberts)

  Dr. Marty and Dr. Ellen woke up the other morning and thought they were Dr. Phil and Dr. Laura. So just add psychotherapy along with editorial writing as things Marty and Ellen don’t do very well. Perhaps, dear David, you should have told them you are undergoing anger management and promise that, if sent to Washington, you’ll take the meds religously. And did they administer a Rohrshach? Or shock treatment? Fact is, dear David, a DDN endorsement isn’t worth much these days, and you could use the non-endorsement as a badge on not being in the pockets of the establishment. And to Dr. Marty and Dr. Ellen some advice; doctor heal thyself……


Mr. Esrati, It seems to be me you are a very bitter man and for a person who believes that our system needs a change, the only change you think is possible is “change” through you. You’re confrontational style and bashing, simple turns off ears and is not one that the people of the 3rd District seem to want. You may feel we “need” you, but I feel as though we have spoken many times before through various of your campaigns and we decided we didn’t “want” you. It saddens me that for a strong passionate person you can be, you turn it into one of cynicism and disgust. As for education and a person who works in higher education, I feel as though it is unfair for you to call Mr. Roberts a “college dropout” as you have no facts or idea about his background. Before you judge someone’s situation you must gather the facts and that is something you have always seemed to lack tact to do. A lot of students today, chose to live school for different reasons and finances being one of them. Though there are financial aid programs, those are not enough for someone to raise a family on. Also, the military is not for everyone, so it is quit shameful of you to suggest that Mr. Roberts should take the way you see fit. It is not as though Mr. Roberts isn’t working or going to school, but rather he taken time off from school, as it sounds, to do follow his passion, to bring good … something, I at least think someone like you, Mr. Esrati, claims to be “passionate” would understand. And though he may have no have finished school as of yet, that doesn’t mean his experience hasn’t qualified him to run for congress. Last time I check, neither you or Mr. Fogle have had any real “political” experience nor have ever held an office. Also, who is to say age is determinant for someone to say I am ready to make “positive” changes. Clearly, we are sitting with one of… Read more »


proper grammar optional


I think Nora is right accidentally (if not grammatically ; – ) ,

Mr. Roberts was the only person who understood issues…

Joe Knows Pork:

There is an 82 billion dollars focused on the green economy which we could definitely use here.  […] There is $4 billion dollars appropriated for greening the military, and greening military facilities.  Which, being a large base, I think that Wright-Patt would be a perfect place to use those dollars.
The job of a congressperson is to bring dollars home.
I think there’s a very clear distinction between pork and ear-marks.

Interviewer: So you disagree with a one year ban on earmarks?

I completely disagree.  I think it is detrimental to our economy in this area.

Interviewer: Don’t you see a certain logic though, say, even if all ear-marks aren’t bad, the system is not working and we need to take a pause and redesign it?

I agree that the system needs to be changed.  I don’t think you can stop ear-marks.  It’s a flow of tax dollars, I don’t think you can stop that for a year and say a blanket ban.  I think there should be no anonymous ear-marking, I completely agree with that.  I intend to tie my name to any ear-mark that I request.

Of course, you want to get credit for bringing home the bacon.  Maybe that’s what OH3 needs.  Instead of tired, old, wrapped-in-the-flag pork from Mikey we’ll get some trendy, new, green-washed pork from Joey.  I’m sure that’ll fix us right up!
I think the commerce clause came up here, because David wanted a constitutional amendment.  My point was that everything else under the sun has been justified by that clause, why not legislation to limit interstate corporate welfare?  Whether that’s actually a good idea is certainly debatable.

Gary Staiger

Typical DDN bullshit. Roberts doesn’t have a clue, much less a program. Time to get my absentee ballot and to get 10 friends to do the same !!

Shortwest Rick

@jstults… until i realized you’d drawn eyeballs on your index finger and a lower lip on your thumb :)