Mea culpa, editorial board stays…

Last night I engaged in spiteful, unfounded and plain mean yellow journalism- by reporting that the Dayton Daily News editorial board was getting the axe:

it looks like we won’t have to listen to the editorial board of Ellen Belcher, Martin Gottlieb and Scott Elliott anymore.

via Sayonara Editorial board: Cox cuts the brain dead.

If you watch Fox news, you should be used to this kind of BS. It’s not my style, nor my desire to spread mis-truths or libel people doing their job (however, when they don’t do their job- and they are receiving public funds- look out).

I wish I could say that my intentions were fully for the common good and not just me gloating on my soapbox, but, after years of getting treated like shit by Ms. Belcher and Mr. Gottlieb- I let my guard down and let them have a taste of their own medicine. It was stupid.

That all being said, there should never be a monopoly on editorial opinion. That’s part of the reason this site exists, and even if my readership is still a fraction of theirs, it doesn’t make my positions necessarily less worthy of consideration- it just gives the community the ability to have a semi-informed conversation about the two or more sides to every story.

That’s the part that’s been missing from their endorsement articles- without opposition candidates, we don’t have a reason to even hold elections. Because I or Gary Leitzell decided to throw our hats into the ring doesn’t mean we don’t have the credentials to run- or win (we met the requirements for turning in 500 signatures on petitions correctly filled out) it means that citizens have a choice. For a democracy to exist- we must have contested races for each seat- just as we have to celebrate and support opposing views. The Dayton Daily News editorial board has mocked challengers, questioned if there are worthy candidates still living in the city (note: none of the editorial board writers vote in Dayton) and generally, scared people away from running with their overly crappy assessments of challengers (and half- hearted “endorsements” of incumbents at times).

So, even though I question the value that they add to the paper daily, I’m happy to announce that we’ll still have their misguided mojo to banter about on this site and others for at least the near future. Yep, getting rid of the local editorials would be a “strangely bad” idea, even for a dying industry.

Commentator Jeffery was entirely right about the need for local opinion pieces, even if we do have to suffer these columnists uninspired prose. But, you shouldn’t ever see unfounded crap on this site- or plain reckless attacks again. Hopefully, I’ll have learned from this mistake.

My apologies.

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