Virgil Vaduva

What the Dayton Daily News misses in endorsements

In my last post we talked about the failings of “You Betcha, Belcher” and her crew at the Dayton Daily News editorial board. The competency of questioning and the actual accuracy of their statements border on  libel. But, that never stopped them from actually presenting information that would be useful- no, that would be up Read More

Revisionist newspaper websites

The Dayton Daily News has been inconsistent about allowing comments on articles. There doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason to which articles allow comments, which ones don’t- and on more than a few occasions- they’ve blown the comments away and closed them. Today Greene Party Tea Party candidate Virgil Vaduva pointed out that they’d Read More

Now political consultants are on the taxpayers’ payroll?

It’s one thing for a political campaign to hire a campaign consultant, but it’s another for taxpayer money to be used to pass a tax increase. Think about it- would you pay someone your own money, to make you pay more for something? If the politicians can’t get a tax increase passed without being able Read More