Quicktake on the DDN editorial board meeting

Guy Fogle looks like a politician. Joe Roberts sounds like a politician. And then, there’s me.

That’s my take from the screening by the Dayton Daily News editorial board of the three candidates for the special democratic primary for OH-3 which takes place on Tuesday, July 13, 2010.

The questions were softies- as if the editors felt sorry for us running to run against their favorite son, Mike Turner.. Martin Gottlieb had to explain what a “Blue dog” Democrat was to Guy. I had to explain what instant-runoff voting was to Martin. Roberts was waffling on what campaigns he’d worked on- and what he’d done.

When asked what elected official we’d compare ourselves to- Fogle said “Capps” and couldn’t even give her first name: I’m assuming Lois Capps of CA.

Roberts chose Sherrod Brown. And, of course, I picked the abrasive one- Dennis Kucinich – because he stands up for what he believes.

One change- Jim Barrett from WHIO radio was there and taped the whole thing. It would be great if he put the whole thing up as a podcast- so you can hear for yourself.

Ellen Belcher had a problem at first with Ice Bandit’s endorsement letter- but as I explained, you allow anonymous comments on your site galore- so why not the ol’ bandito’s.

I think she’s actually going to run it.

Of course, she still doesn’t understand why I’m running, nor measures my increased number of votes per dollar spent with each election as credible.

I’ll reserve my judgment on the other candidates for after the League of Women Voters forum this Wednesday night at Montgomery County Democratic HQ, 7:30 pm. I’ll run tape and have it on youtube for you as well.

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