Dayton City Manager Rashad Young

Residency and stupidity

If Commissioner Whaley was really doing business when she conducted her “survey” of police and fire employees about residency, why didn’t she do it through official channels? Hopefully, the City of Dayton does have e-mail? Telephone surveys are so last century to begin with. Here are the pertinent parts of the Dayton Daily News article Read More

Apparently rocket scientists can’t get development right either…

NPR mentioned a video made by a NASA engineer showcasing the barriers to innovation in developing systems at NASA. Replace the people in the video with “economic development” people and bureaucrats in zoning, building codes, inspection in the city of Dayton- and you have the reason that starting a business in Dayton isn’t easy. [youtube][/youtube] Read More

Downtown’s finally getting bigger.

I’ve always said one of the problems in Dayton is our narrow definition of Downtown. I consider South Park, UD, Miami Valley Hospital, Grandview, the Dayton Art Institute, the Oregon District- all to be downtown- and have been laughed at for it. Now, apparently the idea has caught on: The effort is divided among three Read More

City takes buyout cues from GM- but forgets the Generous part

Dayton City Manager Rashad Young has distributed a letter offering buyouts- or “Voluntary Separation Plans (VSP) to regular full and part-time employees who are currently members of the Ohio Public Employment System (OPERS). They have until 5pm on Oct 31, 2008 and they must be gone by Dec 31. The package won’t be distributed to Read More

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