Michael Greitzer

You must be crazy- to invest in Dayton

It seems that there is a court that isn’t recognized publicly in Dayton, Ohio, “Development Court.” All who wish to buy or sell property must come before this secret tribunal and kiss someone’s ring, before being allowed to be a “developer” in Dayton- or you will mocked in the pages of the Dayton Daily. Midland Read More

Is Dayton City Hall getting smarter?

Where were the guarantees of performance that should have of been in place for the Wayne Avenue Kroger and the “Ballpark Village” “development” debacles? Before investing our tax dollars the city should have some kind of guarantee in place that the developer actually has to follow through or make the city whole after it does Read More

How the developers in Dayton make money from insider info

The big business news of the day in small news Dayton is that a local exec is stepping down as president: Michael Greitzer will step aside as Dayton market president in Miller-Valentine Group as of Jan. 1, company officials said. Greitzer will retain his ownership stake in the construction and development firm and remain a Read More

Public officials, Private meeting. Our Dayton – discussed behind closed doors

I’m wondering why private meetings are so important to people who think they are in charge of Dayton? It’s our city- and I thought we were supposed to vote for the people who would lead us. If we voted for you- and you are meeting in private with the people we didn’t elect, maybe you Read More

Downtown’s finally getting bigger.

I’ve always said one of the problems in Dayton is our narrow definition of Downtown. I consider South Park, UD, Miami Valley Hospital, Grandview, the Dayton Art Institute, the Oregon District- all to be downtown- and have been laughed at for it. Now, apparently the idea has caught on: The effort is divided among three Read More