Sheriff Streck hits the panic button

Unfortunately, the actual message that went out hasn’t been delivered to me, despite a clear public records request. (received Jun 22, 2020 at 15:27) Sheriff Streck who is running for his first election, unopposed, is worried that he may harm his image by letting the public know that the Montgomery County Jail is no longer Read More

The Coronavirus question that must be answered before Ohio reopens

If you watched the HBO series, sometimes it was hard to remember who was a vampire and who wasn’t. I never watched the kiddy version- Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but, at least you knew that if you saw them in daylight, they weren’t a bloodsucking threat. Yesterday, Ohio Governor, under pressure from the flip-flopping-fool in Read More

The post coronavirus conundrum

I recently read the book “Shantaram” based on hearing someone talk about this concept, because, fundamentally- I disagreed, I believe that form follows function, and simplification is almost always superior to the complex, but, here’s the quote: Anything that enhances, promotes, or accelerates this movement toward the Ultimate Complexity is good,’ he said, pronouncing the Read More

Social Distancing and Ping Pong Balls videos

Social distancing Mar 30, 2020 video Spangler is a science guy type channel with a good following, 449K followers. He has 12,000 views so far. Our local rock stars of experiential advertising, Real Art, did the same thing- only artistically and in :30 seconds and a great soundtrack on April 9, 2020. It has over Read More

This time, it’s not the economy, stupid.

Congress just laid a giant turd of a response to the Coronavirus crisis, offering a measly $1200 per person, 1 time, that’s needs-based on a tax return. First, the size of this offering is pathetic and won’t do a damn thing to alleviate the other issues that are crashing down on people across the country, Read More

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