Coronavirus and martial law in Ohio? Election postponed

The Governor just delayed in-person voting until Jun 2nd 2020. You can request absentee ballots and have time to get them in.

They don’t want people over 65 to go out. Please heed their advice.

We have 50 confirmed cases in Ohio- from ages 14- 86. Our goal, and our governor is doing a great job at  it is cutting transmission possibilities.

Cuyahoga County remains the county with the highest number of cases in the state with 24. There are 6 in Butler, 2 in Belmont, 3 in Franklin, 1 in Geauga, 3 in Lorain, 1 in Lucas, 1 in Medina, 3 in Stark, 2 in Summit, 2 in Trumbull and 1 in Tuscarawas.

There are currently 14 coronavirus hospitalizations in Ohio.

Gov. Mike DeWine said the ages of the patients diagnosed with COVID-19 range from 14 to 86.

DeWine said 20 females and 30 males have been diagnosed. The average age is 51. (from the Governors press conference today)

We all have to band together to help each other, help our neighbors. To make sure no one goes hungry, no one resorts to crime to survive. That’s a team effort.

People in my neighborhood distributed notes to neighbors- offering for healthy younger folks would help those who are at risk, don’t have to go out.

Each neighborhood should start working to determine who is at risk, who is healthy, what skills you have within your community. Create a plan. Work together.

We’re working on safety plans- as well as things we can do to keep our spirits up- like porch concerts at 8pm that you can walk by and wave- or sing along- etc. We’re talking about book clubs, using a huge field to pass soccer balls while keeping 15′ away.

Restaurants will still be open- use them- by pickup or delivery. They need to stay in business.

Grocery stores will be open. Drug stores will be open. Don’t horde. If you can work from home- do it. If you can’t, decide if what you do will keep others alive- if not, try to stay home.

Some have asked about what it means for martial law to be put in place. This is not something to fear. It means the National Guard is called out, to augment the police, to make sure that people feel safe. It’s not something to fear.

So far, I’ve not heard any of our leaders offer to guarantee income, or credit limit lifts, or interest rate cuts on debt, to help stop the economic meltdown from affecting folks. Please remember, staying alive is more important than paying bills. The state of Ohio has given some instructions:

If your business needs help due to the virus.

Unemployment services for those affected Send sick people home and apply for this.

Don’t call the state- the phones are overwhelmed. You are online- use the sites. If you know someone who does need the number- here it is 1-877-644-6562

This isn’t just a two or three week thing. Until it gets to be over 70 degrees Fahrenheit for an extended period of time, virus transmission will be higher. Also, transmission will depend on how well we isolate now.

There will be big changes to life as we know if for a while. By not panicking, we’ll all be better off.


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