The Coronavirus Siesta Solution

If I was president, I’d immediately tell everyone to take a month off. A siesta.

We’d institute Universal Basic Income (UBI) of $1000 each for anyone who had a income tax return less than $100K last year.

The only people who would work are health care providers, essential city services and police and fire, pharmacy workers, health care workers grocery stores and designated gas stations.

Interstate travel would be banned unless essential- the National Guard would man checkpoints.

The stock market would be reset to values of 2 weeks ago- and be halted until the virus is done.

Banks/credit unions would be open limited hours. All mortgages would be extended one month.

Overseas travel curtailed.

All sporting events- postponed a month.

And, tests would be readily available and taken en masse. Drive by. Figure out quick who has it- and who doesn’t.

All care for Coronavirus would be free.

Do it now- or keep fighting it forever and take huge losses.

Compared to the cost of the forever war- this is a drop in the bucket.

We can’t afford to let this go rampant.

Of course, I’m not president and never will be. But this is where UBI of Mr Yang makes sense and Medicare for all of Mr. Sanders along with guaranteed living wages and paid sick days would make a lot more sense than what we have now.

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