“A gifted strategic thinker”

The Dayton City Paper held a few surprises this week- June 10-16, 2009. It’s mostly about the NCR move to Atlanta. All of a sudden, I’m quotable.

In his commentary, Yvan Melnikoff calls me a “gifted strategic thinker” and says that I have “Freely contributed his insights for years and continues to challenge the status quo.” He continues to quote my post about the Young Creatives Summit- which you can read in its entirety here: Young Creative Summit: being young, doesn’t make you creative

The center spread/cover story “Dayton loses “The Cash” by David H. Langdon and Marianne Stanley, quotes my post about how ending corporate welfare- you can read that post here: Letter to the editor: Stop subsidizing the rich

I’m sure you’ll never see me quoted in the Dayton Daily News, unless it’s some “Gotcha” type ambush quote.

For those of you who’ve followed this site for a while, you know that I don’t shy away from hot button issues, or trying to start a conversation/argument by presenting extreme views on occasion. I think vigorous debate is healthy and needed if we expect to move above our current level of mediocre leadership.

We had Col. Colleen Ryan USAF Ret. from the Dayton Development Coalition speak at our veterans business group www.vob108.org today. She’s not from around these parts, but decided to stay after being stationed here for her last 2 years. Before coming to Dayton and WPAFB she had thought she would retire in Europe, but she fell in love with Dayton and the people here (her words). She still can’t get over our self-loathing and pathetic doom and gloom attitudes.

While we may have lost NCR, we still have the largest single site employer in the State of Ohio in our backyard, WPAFB, and it’s not going anywhere. The research budget at WPAFB alone, exceeds the research budget of all the Ohio univeristies combined. We have a talent pool. We have a great low cost of living, we have decent culture and we’re sitting on the third largest aquifer in the United States.

I’ve mentioned Col. Ryan as a capable candidate for Mayor of Dayton on this site. She joked with me today that she was honored. If this community would get its act together and work as a team, and make the move to Uni-Gov, it was real apparent to me today that we do have people who can present our community as a great place to live and work and locate your business here, and as soon as we stop letting the political parties pick our candidates, we might get the leadership we need and deserve.

That’s my 2 cents as “a gifted strategic thinker” for the day.

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