Are you a Veteran who owns a business?

A bit of cross promotion here. If you are a Veteran, or Service Disabled Veteran who owns a business- and are interested in what the Dayton Development Coalition is doing- and progress on BRAC, you may want to come to this meeting on Thursday: Thursday, 11-Jun 2009, featured speaker: Colleen Ryan, VP of the Dayton Development Coalition (DDC) Military and Defense Programs. COL Ryan, USAF (Ret), will be talking about her role and the role of DDC in promoting the 12 county areas served by the DDC. As the past commander of the 88th Air Base Wing, stationed at WPAFB, she was directly involved in the 2006 Base Realignment and Closures (BRAC) Act. COL Ryan will present how DDC views that the 2006 BRAC changes for the Dayton and surrounding counties. This meeting is open to guests and members of Seating is limited and is on a first come, first served basis. The meeting location is the 2nd floor conference room, EMTEC/PTAC Building, 3155 Research Blvd, in the Miami Valley Research Park.

via VOB108 Teaming Meeting: Col. Colleen Ryan, ret. VP Dayton Development Coalition | VOB108.

Please follow the link above to RSVP and order lunch for $5 if you want to come.  VOB108 is a great way for veterans to network and team together to pursue government contract opportunities.

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  Many years ago, when the Ice Bandit had a full head of hair and the best days of his sex life were ahead of him, he found himself wearing govenment issued clothes, carrying a government issued weapon, eating goverment issued food, and in the middle of  a government issued conflict a half world away. It was an epiphany for a 19 year old; plucked from a rural area in Ohio, that government intravention in his life had a definite dark and down side. This, mind you, while his friends who, through the vagaries of 1960s draft laws were enjoying full employment, college hijinks and free love (really sorry I missed that one). Associates who have worked with the government tell me that collecting money from Uncle Sam is like trying to shove a watermelon through a keyhole. There are scores of vets who have struck business gold without the feds heavy hand……


COL Ryan will present how DDC views that the 2006 BRAC changes for the Dayton and surrounding counties

worth going to just for the DDC spin, what their POV is.  The DDC is one of the more “connected” organiztion in the area.