Dayton’s next leaders; part of “The Esrati Plan”

The Dayton Daily News says everyone who is qualified, has left for the suburbs. How wrong they are.

As part of the Esrati plan, and if elected, it’s my primary job to find, recruit, mentor and help the next leaders of Dayton.

No more unopposed candidates, or incumbents (that’s right, I want a primary even if I’m the one in office), no more excuses for not voting because you don’t have good choices. And, I’ll host candidates’ nights like no others, with the candidates engaging in real debate- where they ask each other questions, not this moderator, controlled Q&A stuff. It’s time we see how well candidates think on their feet, and stand up to tough questions, different questions, and so that going to every event brings out new material- not the same old tired stuff. (I’ll even give candidates 5 minutes to explain their positions at the beginning, and at least 3 to close).

With all that said, the other goal is to have a City Manager who has a number 2 and a number 3 person trained and ready, to step up to the position, if they can’t get the job done. It doesn’t mean they have to leave the city, they just may not be suited to being City Manager, our most important leader. (The military rotates generals all the time- and the system works fine.) No more national searches, it’s the job of our leader to develop his replacement, just as it will be mine.

So, with all that, I’d like to introduce someone to you whom you may or may not know. I didn’t know him before tonight, but after he pulled me aside to give me some advice, I asked, why don’t you run? His answer was next time! These are the kinds of people I want to champion, and help:

Dayton Original: John A Lumpkin, Jr.

Born at Good Samaritan Hospital, John A Lumpkin, Jr., is a true Dayton Original. Mr. Lumpkin is currently a manager of Chase Bank on North Main St. in Dayton. The Lumpkin family has deep roots in the City of Dayton. All of Mr. Lumpkin’s uncles and his grandfather worked for the City.

Mr. Lumpkin credits the City for providing an opportunity for his family to thrive in this region and feels he owes the City a debt of gratitude for his success. Mr. Lumpkin is a proud 4th generation Dayton native. After graduating from Trotwood-Madison and going to The Ohio State University on athletic scholarship, he brought his teammates home to run both football and basketball camps for Dayton Youth.

Mr. Lumpkin believes that for the city to change the overall perception, its natives must go out into the world and bring back, and implement, the successful practices from around the globe here in Dayton.

Mr. Lumpkin immediately got involved in his community first by graduating from Parity Inc.’s black leadership program. Shortly after that, he ran for the Northwest Priority Board, and is currently serving his third term. Mr. Lumpkin is also a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., Joshua Christian Ministries, The Dayton Urban League Young Professionals, and The Trotwood YMCA board. Mr. Lumpkin has been a mentor for students in the Dayton Public and Trotwood-Madison schools.

He has had interns from DECA, Dunbar, and Trotwood in his office to promote financial literacy in our youth. Mr. Lumpkin has an unswerving loyalty to his community. Mr. Lumpkin lives in Dayton View Triangle with his wife, and they are expecting their first child – the next Dayton Original.

via Dayton Originals: Stamp Collection.

Since this bio for Dayton Originals was written, John and his wife now have an 8 month old. He’ll be ready at the next election.

I’ve called before for candidates for Mayor, suggesting that Dr. Mike Ervin stops running things from behind the stage and steps up, and that Col. Colleen Ryan, USAF Ret., would make great strides in projecting a city with confidence.

Another great candidate for Dayton City Commission (and I have many more in mind) is serial developer Jim Gagnet. He’s served as a council member in Tipp City for 8 years, and he’s made his mark in Dayton as one of the original developers of “The Diner on St. Clair” (now Vex nightclub on St. Clair), many buildings in the Oregon District and South Park, co-owner and developer of Coco’s Bistro, and owner of Pacesetter Painting. You’ve seen his handiwork as the painting on the Oregon railroad overpass, the Neon Movies mural, and the sides of numerous buildings. He’s a no-nonsense renaissance man, who has made things happen over and over in the 15+ years I’ve known him and has a track-record of proven “economic development” in Dayton (mostly in-spite of city bureaucracy).

Do you have future candidates in mind? Are you one? I’ve been assembling the online data tools to help you win without the assistance of the ruling political party. It’s time we cut the puppet strings and elected independent visionaries who have new ideas and are elected by the people, not by a system that’s unfriendly to anyone but party insiders.

That’s part of my plan, and one of the reasons I’m asking for your vote November 3.

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