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Dayton gets to rehire firefighter after losing lawsuit on drug testing

We can’t hire new firefighters because of the Department of Justice lawsuit, and are “browning out equipment” because we are paying too much in overtime due to the shortage. Now we get to hire back a firefighter dismissed over three years ago for a second positive drug test for cocaine because the city attorney didn’t Read More

An Esrati panhandling solution proposal

Why do “good Samaritans” donate to our “Card-carrying panhandlers” on street corners- which apparently has become such a lucrative job- that there are now “organized panhandling gangs” working the streets (if you believe some comments). They do it- because they think, by the grace of god, that could be me. The economy is tough. People Read More

Sign IRG placed on UPS sorting facility doors

How IRG does “marketing”

The deal isn’t even done on the former UPS site at Dayton International Airport- and the TSA security required by the FAA are now gone. IRG has posted this professional sign in the window- this is what they do with their quick $3 million in profit: Note, the fence and security normally required for FAA Read More

Dayton population falls while voter rolls skyrocket

According to the Board of Elections, we have 100,792 registered voters. According to the Census we have 141,527 residents. Simple math says 71% of our residents are registered to vote. But, wait- we have residents under 18, and therefore not eligible to vote- according to the census bureau, in Ohio, 23.5% are under 18. That Read More

Failing Dayton leadership finds fall guy: meet my neighbor Max Fuller

Max Fuller is an affable guy. When I first moved into South Park he was active in South Park Preservation Works- our non-profit neighborhood development corporation that had rescued at least 8 homes. There was some controversy about him hiring himself and the rates he charged the corporation, but those homes are still standing and Read More

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