How your tax dollars end up in the rich mans pockets

The news is sometimes in the details that the Dayton Daily News leaves out. If you read their story, it sounds like the city and county have “won” some new business- from Georgia (the evil people who “stole” NCR from us) for the paltry investment of $125K.

Read and Rejoice!

In September 2009, commissioners initially approved a recommendation for a $125,000 grant to the company, a producer of molded plastic parts. The Montgomery County ED/GE (Economic Development/Government Equity) advisory committee recommended the grant.

The ED/GE process has two parts: First, the county considers the recommendations of the ED/GE advisory committee and then the county enters into a contract with local jurisdictions — in this case, the city of Dayton — as part of the allocation. The expansion will be in Dayton.

Composite Technologies plans to move and expand its mixing and molding division from Georgia to 943 Woodley Road, Dayton, according to its ED/GE application.

via Grant allows company to expand, create 41 new jobs.

Greg Hunter did his dilligent digging and finds out that this is just another of Raj Soin’s businesses. That’s right, the man who owns Mike Turner, now gets another $125K of your money. This is the guy who owns a mansion and doesn’t want to pay his taxes:

The Ohio Supreme Court has affirmed Greene County’s 2003 appraisal of Raj and Indu Soin’s Beavercreek home at $3.7 million.

The Soins appealed to the court, claiming the home at 2489 Kemp Road was worth less than half as much — $1.4 million.

The Soins have battled county officials over property taxes since building the 25,879 square-foot, 16-room home, completed in 2002. The home has six bedrooms, 91/2 bathrooms and a swimming pool and sits on 126 acres — 37 of which were purchased in 2004 for $662,500, according to county records.

The Soins also are appealing the $5.3 million value the county set for 2005 in Greene County Common Pleas Court, claiming the home is worth $2.75 million. Wright State University’s School of Business is named for Raj Soin, founder of Dayton-based MTC Technologies.

via DaytonDailyNews: Dayton, Ohio, news and information.

If you want to look at who owns the Woodley Road property: Court Reporter on transaction

Read about the City bragging about their involvement: Dayton Department of Development PDF PR

See who owns Sansara Properties LLC: State of Ohio articles of Incorporation listing Raj Soin’s son, Vishal Soin as the agent:

It’s pretty obvious that $125K makes no difference at all in the scale of this deal- so how do they come up with this number? It’s the exact same amount that they gave to BGHstudios several years back (word on the street is that there aren’t many people working there right now).

However, as your trash bill goes up, your police officers get overworked, and firefighters get cut- somehow we have the ability to give $125K to a very rich man. It’s criminal.

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