First they kicked the Macs out of City Hall, now it’s time to kick Microsoft out, too

Do you know how much money the City of Dayton spends on Microsoft Office? Neither do I, but, the reality is, we could be using netbooks with Linux, Firefox and Google apps and storing everything in “the cloud.”

Other cities are doing it:

…the appeal of Google Apps to Conrad Cross, the CIO for the City of Orlando. Conrad is leading the migration of all 3,000 city employees from Lotus Notes/Domino to Google Apps, including the Police and Fire departments. Facing software license renewals, major upgrade costs, and a 12% reduction in staff, it was the right time for the City to consider other options. For half the cost of the alternative, Orlando is jumping onto Google’s innovation curve and freeing up IT resources to focus on more important efforts. “The time was right,” said Cross. “I’m delivering a better service with less resources, and that gets me ahead of the game.” Just down Interstate-95, the 11th largest school district in the US, Palm Beach County, is also moving its more than 200,000 students, staff and other users to Apps.

via Official Google Enterprise Blog: Governments Gone Google.

There are still some things that Google hasn’t integrated- like a PDF maker with OCR (not that anyone in City Hall has figured that technology out yet) but, for the most part our IT budget could be cut by adopting either open source alternatives or cloud computing.

Thanks to gf for tweeting about this post on the Google blog.

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