I’m not supposed to share this with you according to our neighborhood president. But, that’s not me.

This site is my connection to the world, and it’s your connection to me. If I am to represent you, I have to be open, honest and transparent.

I went home for lunch today. It’s a short walk across the street. My girlfriend had pulled up in front of my house, and walked over to the office to get me.

We walked back over and into the house. My yellow Nike jacket was on the floor by the bathroom door- which wasn’t the way I left it, but I have my housemate, who sometimes tosses things around. There was a sheet from the back room couch- on the floor in the front room… odd, but still didn’t register. The moment I went into the kitchen- I saw the basement and the backdoor open- and then it registered- someone had broken in. The backdoor had been kicked in, yet the alarm hadn’t gone off.

Ran upstairs- to find my housemate asleep in his room. He’d slept through it. That’s why the alarm wasn’t on.

Call 911, check house for things missing and that no one was in the house still.

Missing are a Sony Playstation PS3 20gb with controller (Sn CE246759709), a bunch of housemate’s games, all our DVD’s and Blu-Rays (about 40 discs and a few boxed sets- Sopranos season 1, Hero’s season 1), a Macintosh 800dp tower S/N XB135oJYKSD (good luck with that), the garage door opener and the keys to my scooter. They also have my black fleece Joe Rocket jacket – bastards.

The evidence tech thinks he got some really good prints. Hadn’t seen Ed Z. for a long time. It felt good to have a friendly face at the scene. Same goes for Justin P.

Housemate (and glad Ed Z. finally figured out that I’m not housemate’s dad) is rather ticked- that he didn’t hear it- and also, that all his games are gone. They took apart my stereo- but when girlfriend pulled up- it must have scared them off. Luckily it’s all still there, but, they would have had a hard time getting rid of that stuff because it’s really uncommon.

I have serial numbers for the PS3 and the computer (which had more passwords on it than an NSA key facility)- so good luck on that.

The door jam is being fixed as I write this. The garage doors have been reprogrammed. But, I still feel empty.

23 years here, and this is the first time someone has come in.

If you’d asked for the movies, the PS3 and told me why you needed them- you could have had them. Same goes for the computer- and I would have given you the passwords and the software.

But, instead, you came into my home and violated my sanctuary.

It’s going to take some time to sort out my emotions right now. My shoulders feel the weight of the world on them.

Onward. And the alarm will be on all the time from now on.

I’m offering a $ reward for tips that lead to the arrest of the people who did this and the return of our property.

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