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No Kroger coming to Wayne and Wyoming

Who says Kroger has to be the only player to put a store at Wayne and Wyoming? This is the press release that the City just issued. City Announces New Strategy for Wayne & Wyoming Redevelopment Project Release Date:   Friday, December12, 2008 Contact:           Shelley Dickstein, Assistant City Manager, 333-3636 Amy Walbridge, Special Projects Administrator, 333-3813 Read More

Kroger gets Dayton to be their flunky

“Stick to the knitting” was one of the insights shared in the first mega-selling business book “In search of excellence” by Tom Peters. It meant that exceptional companies did what they did best and hired others to do everything else. The city of Dayton has spent way too many hours getting involved in locating a Read More

Equal Opportunity Economic Development

This is a primary goal for my first year as a Dayton City Commissioner. It is a framework of an idea. Your input is welcome in the comments (On the blog- not on Facebook please). You want to open a bar in Dayton. You go and buy an old building that needs a total renovation, Read More

Sneak peaks and sexy eats at Dayton’s next downtown grocery

Chip Kennedy is crazy. But, so were the Wright Brothers. He thinks he can create a downtown mecca of food from all parts of the world, in a space that’s even smaller than the Oakwood Dororthy Lane Market, and do it with style. Tomorrow, Oct. 1st, from 2 to 8, he’s teaming up with another Read More

Just say no to Amazon HQ2

If your city thinks it should offer incentives for Amazon to come to town, it’s time to reevaluate your leadership. Sure, landing an HQ for a corporate behemoth is prestigious, and  can put any city on the map, but, to offer incentives to one of the richest companies in the world, that has been stealing Read More

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