Wayne Avenue

The life and death of a small Dayton business

UPDATE MAR 2011-apparently it cost more to go bankrupt than to keep the doors open- and Motoscooto is back in business. The vultures descended on Motoscooto yesterday. After a 2-year run, the small, independent scooter store auctioned off the remaining inventory online- and will be no more. The small former gas station on Wayne has Read More

Young Creative Summit: being young, doesn’t make you creative

I work in advertising, a creative industry. If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that age has nothing to do with being creative. Some people have creativity, or the ability to coax great things out of others, most don’t. Steve Jobs is creative. He’s over 40 (54 right now), and has been a driving Read More

Kroger gets Dayton to be their flunky

“Stick to the knitting” was one of the insights shared in the first mega-selling business book “In search of excellence” by Tom Peters. It meant that exceptional companies did what they did best and hired others to do everything else. The city of Dayton has spent way too many hours getting involved in locating a Read More