Sarah Palin: Cheerleader for the Grand White Party

In the first 15 minutes of her “speech” last night- Sarah talked about her favorite subject: her. In stark contrast to Obama- who specifically said “It’s never been about me, it’s about you.”

She also quickly attacked his credentials as an “organizer” compared to her position of Mayor in “her hometown” (forgetting she was born in Idaho) where she had “real responsibility.”

Looking around the hall- I saw a lot of white people. With suits and ties. With signs. Without a remote hint of the many flavors of our country. I must hand it to Palin though- she had no problem reaching out to pander to the parents of “special needs” children. That vote- along with the State of Alaska, is sure to put John McCain over the top, not.

The stiffness of her delivery can be chalked up to her inexperience as a speaker. However, the lack of substance can not. For a person who is about to be judged as suitable for the number 2 person in our Country, she sounded more like a cheerleader than a quarterback or coach.

And, if being an organizer isn’t enough of a quality to lead our country- then I wonder why Barack Obama’s organized, grassroots political machine, which has out-raised any candidate from small donations- has won more states, and received more votes- than a whole bevy of “experienced candidates” who weren’t the long shots- is the envy of every politician, and the text book example of how to run a campaign?

I’m sorry I’m writing this before seeing the whole thing- but, I had to go to work, to pay the governor.

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