Is this the America you believe in?

I made a quip about jackboots and the Nazi salute just a few days ago:

Presidential Slogans: 2008, the year of the fully marketed president

and now we have jackbooted cops with riot gear arresting journalists at the RNC.

Amy Goodman spoke here in Dayton a year or so ago- this isn’t a woman who should scare any police officer.

Reporting by independent journalists is vital to a functioning democracy. Americans must have access to diverse sources of information to hold their leaders accountable. Journalists must be free to do their jobs without intimidation.

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Did I miss something? Were there cops with pepper spray and riot gear at the DNC? Are the Republicans who put “Country First” instead of citizens first that fearful of those they govern?

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In the 'burg
In the 'burg

About 150 people were arrested over 4 days for DNC related distubances in Denver.


First, Denver had the same deal. Second, she was told not to cross the line, if she did she would be arrested, she did, and then she was arrested. I think Democrats need to go buy Q-tips to clean out their ears and can understand directions. These are the type of people I hate, egging on cops and not listening to directions. I am glad they threw her ass in jail and I hope there is a hefty fine. And they should have arrested 450 in Denver, the anti-democratic demonstration, among others, were terrible.

Donald Phillips
Donald Phillips

Amy Goodman has been floundering in ideological limbo since the demise of Soviet-style communism, this in spite of the fact that she pritatized “Democracy Now”, a Pacifica Radio asset started at WBAI, and negotiated a multimillion dollar contract to broadcast it over the listener-supported Pacifica network.

She’s a Red Diaper baby who like all American leftists basks in her lost causes. Getting arrested endows her with ‘streed cred’; all good ‘revolutionaries’ must do time in jail. You best think twice, Mr. Esrati, before you support this Red Herring.

David Esrati
David Esrati

I’m sure there is more to this story- but, I’ll place a bet the charges don’t stand.
As to having to do time in jail for “Street Cred”- is that what I did? I thought it was to stop illegal meetings held by Mayor Mike Turner and the Dayton City Commission.

In the 'burg
In the 'burg

I’d say if you did it for street cred, you missed. By a mile. ;)

Drexel Dave

As a veteran, all I can say is, “what the hell is wrong with our corporate Robocops?” This country has gone bat-shit crazy.

This is not the America anyone in their right mind would want to defend.

Gene, apply for a job in China. That’s what this is.

Donald Phillips
Donald Phillips

I don’t like the sight of storm trooper-attired riot police, either, but those on the above video gave Amy Goodman a chance to avoid arrest. And what did she do but turn around and push her way into custody. Amy Goodman got what she wanted–a story. Notice her crown of thorns and Stigmata?


This is very simple…

Cops said don’t come on the sidewalk…

She came on the sidewalk…


Wouldn’t have broken my heart if they roughed her up a bit more…



DD – do you have a problem listening to direction given by cops?

do your kids listen to you on the bus, or do they say to themselves, “F*CK the old man!”

Following directions is the easiest thing to do.

Also, I was impressed with the smashing of windows, slashing of tires, destroying property, dumping of trash, turning over dumpsters, walking and stomping on cars – real class acts those liberals.

Drexel Dave


My problem is the giant cowardly babies that American corporo-fascist police have become. They need giant robocop suits to deal with obviously non-violent protestors like Goodman? These are not the kind of men I would want on my side in a fight.

What a bunch of babies. And for the record, every guy I ever knew (not saying this applies to all because there are some fantastic police men and women) growing up who later became a cop was the guy who got his crap slapped around on the football field, who dreamed of being a bad-ass but wasn’t one, who found his opportunity to become one as a law enforcement officer.

And my kids on the bus (if you see me driving by) are almost always sitting down, and doing what they are supposed to. Of course, every once in awhile one gets out of line, but they’re kids.

But they behave, I believe, because they believe they have someone who cares for them on their side, who is there to make sure they get home safe, don’t get picked on, and who jokes and has fun when necessary, and who is stern and serious when that’s called for too.

But being a bully isn’t something I have ever found to be effective.

Authoritarianism is just a mask for low-self esteem and the lack of ability to lead.


Non-violent? Did you see the destruction they did to buildings, cars, and other people? A cop can not decide a person is either going to be good or going to be bad, so they have to treat them if they are going to be bad.

“Don’t cross the line” yet she did, sorry. Maybe hang her?:)

But I agree that most cops are as you describe, but there was violence. I would not call it a civil protest. BTW this happened in Denver as well, a lot of different people representing BOTH parties and other parties are guilty of this BS behavior.

Drexel Dave

Ever think that the “violence” could be agent provacatuers?

And to call Amy Goodman violent is quite a stretch. You’re using a logical fallacy in equating her with some tire slashing FBI agents dressed as anarchist skateboarders.

Americans, especially of the authority kind, are so scared of their own shadow it’s really sad.

Because if you live in fear, you don’t really get to live.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Good point Drexel-
this actually happened in Canada- not that long ago. “undercover” cops tried to start a riot- to cause embarrassment to the protesters.
It does happen.


I watched this on “Now” (carried on WCET) just a few minutes ago, and you got to wonder what was up with the St Paul police. Seems they were working with the Secret Service.


Sometimes you don’t have to do anything at all for them to mess with you. Four years ago, I owned a house on Ridge Avenue in Troy (which is a really nice residential street). The roof was being replaced, so there was a dumpster in my front driveway. It was near the garage, quite a distance back from the street (more than 20 feet).

At 8:00 one morning, the Secret Service pulled up in front of the house. They got out of their SUV, came onto MY property (without a warrant and without my permission), climbed into the roofing dumpster, and started throwing nails, boards, and shingles all over my driveway and yard until they were satisfied that Osama wasn’t hiding in there. They didn’t bother to pick any of it back up when they were done. They just got back in their SUV and drove away.

A few hours later, W’s motorcade passed by on his way to the campaign stop downtown.

I guess the fact that I had a Kerry sign in the front yard was probable cause. Well, that and the fact that the house kind of sat on a grassy knoll. :-)

Don’t kid yourself that you have rights. They do what they damn well please.

J.R. Locke

“growing up who later became a cop was the guy who got his crap slapped around on the football field, who dreamed of being a bad-ass but wasn’t one, who found his opportunity to become one as a law enforcement officer.”

I have the same observation DD. The classmate who is now an Auglaize County sheriff was also a pretty incompetent drunk for a long while….but he grew up thankfully.