Qbase: the first public company financed mostly with your tax dollars

I’ve written about Qbase before. Something doesn’t seem right about the constant flow of tax dollars, no-bid contracts, and the whole way this company is financed. It’s also interesting to look at the donations from Qbase execs to campaign funds- but, I’m not an investigative reporter, and I won’t get paid or a pulitzer for digging to the bottom of this:

Dayton businessman Ernie Green received state approval Thursday, Sept. 4, for a $62,500 tax credit he would receive for a $250,000 investment in Qbase, the data analytics company based in Beavercreek.

The Ohio Department of Development’s technology investment tax credit committee gave the approval during a meeting in Columbus to review applications from around the state requesting incentives for a total of $925,000 in investments. The program is designed to encourage technology investments in Ohio companies.

Dayton businessman gets tax credit for Qbase investment.

I encourage you to search this site for the other posts about Qbase and its questionable tax breaks, tax dollar investments and the contracts it receives. As far as I understand- government contractors are barred from donating to federal office campaigns- however it doesn’t seem to stop Qbase.

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5 Responses

  1. Zak September 6, 2008 / 2:01 am
    but, I’m not an investigative reporter, and I won’t get paid or a pulitzer for digging to the bottom of this:

    If you rely on professionals to get things done, it’ll never happen. Watergate was broken by Woodward and Bernstein, neither of which had a degree in journalism nor were employed professionally as journalists. Relativity (and many other enormous advances in science) was explained by Einstein, who was a patent clerk doing scientific thought experiments in his free time.

    So, really, who better to investigate Qbase than yourself? (Don’t look at me; I’m just a professional cynic who points out problems but never seems to do anything about it)

  2. greg hunter September 6, 2008 / 9:37 pm
    Ernie – Qbase, Dpl, Sam Morgan, Hobson, Turner all rotten, but I cannot figure out the exact linkage.
  3. Withheld December 11, 2008 / 3:00 pm
    An investigative reporter would have a field day with Qbase!!
  4. David Esrati December 11, 2008 / 3:20 pm

    Too bad I have a day job.

  5. Withheld December 13, 2008 / 12:54 pm
    Qbase just fired 20 people this week and is pulling out of the nonprofit sector. I wonder how they will get Blackbaud to buy that division now, which is what they wanted since the beginning. Probably why Sam Morgan put in another $1.5M not too long ago.

    They will probably try to grow their federal division, which is funny because they don’t really have a product suitable for work around WP. Everything they market either doesn’t really work like they say or is owned by the government already.

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