Dayton Grassroots Daily Show v.18: Campaign finance reports discussed

Your daily show hosts, David Esrati and Greg Hunter talk about the campaign finance reports filed by Dayton’s Rhine McLin, Nan Whaley and Kettering’s Ashley Webb and Amy Schrimpf. A lot can be learned from these documents- like who owns whom, when it comes to local politics. Good luck finding these reports online- it seems it’s become my job to keep them out in the open.

If anyone wants to see the Kettering reports- ask in comments- and I’ll get Greg to do the scanning.


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  1. jstults December 12, 2009 / 2:18 pm
    This is a useful niche that our local ‘big’ media / gov are not filling:

    …it seems it’s become my job to keep them out in the open.

    I’ll plug it again: Rational Street Performer Protocol, crowd-source funding for this ‘obsession’.

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