Breakthrough:The DDN starts to expose Turner for what he is.

When I first ran for Mayor, against Mike Turner for Clay Dixon’s job, Clay had a well known Achilles heel among political insiders- that had been off-limits to the press. His job, and his wife’s job, at the Dayton Public Schools were nothing more than patronage positions.

After he took me outside for the fisticuffs (which the paper proudly reminded you of in its endorsement of Jane) the paper finally changed its tune- and exposed his shortcomings. It was the beginning of the end for Clay and the beginning of Turner’s career. Now, in a stunning reversal of their string of glowing endorsements of him- when they admit that he does, in fact, have flaws:

Our view: Coalition, Turners need new boundaries
The Turners themselves aren’t blameless. Rep. Turner says his wife is entitled to her career, which, of course, she is. But doing business with entities that depend on Mr. Turner’s support is dicey for both of them. She opens herself to being accused of cashing in, and he to selling his influence.

If that seems harsh, imagine if the politically aggressive, easily offended and often combative Rep. Turner were facing an opponent who had this sort of gig going. He would be all over him or her, and there wouldn’t be an explanation in the world that he would accept. He would not be able to contain his moral outrage, and he would gleefully seize on the offense as a political opportunity for himself.

That description, is the Mike Turner I’ve known all along. It’s his weakness that exposes itself instantly when he and I get in the same room together. It’s why, I’m sure, beyond any doubt, that I am the best candidate to face him in the fall. Jane Mitakides is too nice a lady to ever bring his combative, holier than all, attitude out. She didn’t do anything four years ago- and she won’t this time. In a district that is by all accounts- not winnable by a Democrat, I may be the only one who can expose his true character better.

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Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

We shall see David, we shall see. I think the Turner Effect is small potatoes compared to Raj and Austin Road.Now that the realtors and retailers are running out of advertising steam, maybe the paper recognizes it needs READERS to survive and they are finally doing their job.

This kind of one sided funding of politicians through their corporate sponsors promotes groupthink and partially responsible for the dumbing down of America.

“It remains to be seen, as the current presidential campaign unfolds, whether Americans are willing to consider what the flight from reason has cost us as a people and whether any candidate has the will or the courage to talk about ignorance as a political issue affecting everything from scientific research to decisions about war and peace.”

David Esrati
David Esrati

Greg, I was told to look at Sam Greenwood and Greentree systems- and question the Gunlock donations- which I know you’ve already researched.
I asked back in Jul of last year for the DDN to look at the similarities between Turners donors and Turner Effects clients. Now, maybe they’ll look harder.