How many homes do you own?

I usally don’t post what other people write- but, a friend from high school sent me this e-mail, and I thought it was worth sharing.


Sen. John McCain said in an interview that he did not know how many houses he owns. The Republican nominee is out of touch with the economic plight of most Americans. I realize I may not be the best one to comment on the number of homes one should own at any given time. However, I am not running for President as the “white, working man’s candidate.” Property ownership in large volume can be the sign of good business decisions, if tempered with the understanding that fellow citizens just might not be as fortunate.

The Republicans now use the phrase, “Coastal, liberal, intellectual elite,” to describe Obama and the Democrats, as if a brain is a bad thing. After the past several years of Duhhhhhb-Ya in the White House, one would think we would be begging for any soul with “intellect” to take the helm of our sinking ship of fools.

When asked about the number of homes he owns, McCain’s response: “I think — I’ll have my staff get to you,” McCain told reporters. “It’s condominiums where — I’ll have them get to you.”
This follows a pattern for the befuddled warrior…
When asked about his position on gay people, McCain leaned from the microphone to an aide and said, “what’s our position on this?”
Kinda reminds me of Ronald Reagan leaning on Nancy for answers in his waning days as the leader in hidden dementia, a President in absentia.

For the record, McCain owns at least seven different residences. The list includes two homes in Phoenix — one of which is a $4.66 million condominium — and a $1.94 million vacation complex in Sedona, where he is spending this weekend before the Democratic convention.
He also owns two condos on the beach in Coronado, Calif., one worth $2.1 million and one valued at $2.7 million. Additionally, he owns a $1 million beach apartment in La Jolla, Calif., and an $847,800 condo in Arlington, Va.
In the United States, most homeowners own only one house, worth an average of about $217,000. By the way, McCain also disclosed in filings that he also owns a parking lot worth at least $1 million.

Republican strategists are quick to point out that his wife Cindy has the money. They stress that candidiate McCain is a simple man, a war hero, a man of the people. What the hell does this mean? They are husband and wife, the Christian definition in the eyes of the lord sees them as one. Defined as a union between a man and a woman, as we are so often reminded, making their union, a union of finances. The good lord would never mean for a separation of assets. Thus, this is joint wealth, plain and simple!

While it is great that the McCains have enjoyed such success with their property holdings, they should also stand up and show their pride to the nation as landowners, achievers of the American dream, rather than portray their opponents, the Obamas, as elitests who are out of touch with the plight of Americans.

The fact that John McCain can’t keep track of how many houses he owns is a telling moment that helps explain why he thinks ‘the fundamentals of our economy are strong’ and why his pal and campaign’s financial advisor, former Texas Senator Phil Graham, declared, “Americans are only in a mental recession, not a real one.” One only hopes McCain is paying proper taxes on all this high-end property since he does not even know he owns it all. Hmmmmmm.

The next time he is interviewed and asked the question, perhaps McCain should appear barefoot, so he can count on fingers AND toes.

Earlier in the year, McCain’s campaign charged that Obama is an elitist because of comments he made about working class voters. Republicans continue to call Obama an arugula-eating professor from a yuppie Chicago neighborhood. Sounds good to me. Oh my gosh, what if Obama owns multiple….BOOKS.

Oh yeah, that reminds me; “W” is beginning to solicit donations for his Presidential “Library”. What’s that going to be, a little table and chairs from a pediatrician’s office with a couple of Highlights magazines, three coloring books, and 911 copies of “My Pet Goat”???

On Republican Sean Hannity’s far-right, conservative, radio talk show yesterday, guest Mit Romney proclaimed McCain, “fit to lead” because he is a “man’s man” and “likes to get out there and barbeque”, to which Hannity replied, “that’s what I like and that’s what America needs now!” JESUS CHRIST!

Rush Limbaugh, that other fine, conservative radio host, speaks daily of his concern for fellow, middle-of-the-road, white, working class men in America. What he does not share with his listeners is the fact that the show is broadcast from a studio in his residence in Palm Beach, Florida. His compound there is comprised of multiple estates he strung together, on the beach, now assessed at more than $45 million. Pity the poor fools listening to him and making voting decisions based upon his direction.

Back to candidate McCain’s wealth issue.

Answering a question from Pastor Rick Warren about what HIS definition of rich is, John McCain said “$5 million.”
McCain, in his own words:
“I think if you are just talking about income, how about $5 million?” he told Warren. That’s why we want to keep people’s taxes low and increase revenues.”

Craig Baskin

Craig doesn’t have a blog. Craig doesn’t even live in the US anymore, he moved to Mexico. He made out well as a real estate developer and must have seen the writing on the wall before the mortgage mess started- and he bailed on his own country. When people are ready to elect a man who can’t tell you how many homes he has to live in our White House, I think we have a major problem.

When we have “pastors” vetting our candidates in a country that had it’s roots as a refuge from religious tyranny, I think we have a major problem.

How many homes do you own?

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