It’s only been a year since the smoking ban went into place

It’s been a year. And now our County is finally handing out it’s first fines. Makes you wonder if some people working for the county should still have jobs? What part of the law didn’t they understand?

The county health board approved fines Wednesday, Aug. 24, for three area drinking establishments accused of breaking the statewide indoor smoking ban.

In its first vote on violators since enforcement of the law started in May 2007, the board rejected the businesses’ appeals and affirmed $100 fines recommended by investigators for Public Health — Dayton & Montgomery County.

Those fined were the American Legion Post 668, 950 Helke Road, Vandalia; Courtyard Lounge, 320 W. National Road, Englewood, and Ned Peppers, 419 E. Fifth St., Dayton.

County OKs first fines for smoking law violation.

Are laws optional these days? I’m also wondering how Montgomery County Prosecutor Mathias H. Heck Jr. has decided not to charge the the kid who shot his friend? No judge, no jury? What has happened to our laws. If I shoot you and it’s an accident- it’s ok now?

When our laws are enforced at random- do we still have laws?

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These bans are becoming a big joke in my area of Illinois. Some of the customers are the same people who are supposed to enforce it. It’s like reinventing the speakeasy days of prohibition. After nine months, all these new non smoking customers never appeared. the customers pay the bills, not the state.


Selective enforcement. The bar in Oakwood that allows smoking will probably never have a fine issued.


WHAT bar in Oakwood? – you may be thinking of two places that are close, but are really in Dayton.


Gene, you are correct. I guess I should have realized that the area was still Dayton, since the Oakwood cop sits just a little down the road waiting for speeders.


Oakwood bar, if you will, had a cigar party……….. but not in Oakwood. Just an
“Oakwood” Bar, IYKWIM.

Some bars in Dayton actually allow pot smoking………… which I am all for, but I don’t smoke pot, yet. Many OD bars and DT bars, as of the other night/weekend(s), still allow smoking.

55 is often the law with the SL, yet people go 60, or 70. Laws are stupid.