July 2012

The Dayton Double Standard

My first introduction to the Dayton Double Standard was when I bought my home for $14,500 in 1986. I proceeded to fix it up by putting up new garage doors only to be hauled into court for putting up wood grain vinyl doors in a historic district. First argument was how was I to know, Read More

Dayton Daily News cutting about SGM Woodall Murder

3 years later- still an unsolved murder

I almost missed the anniversary thanks to another discussion. Today marks the third anniversary of the murder of an American hero: Sgt. Maj. North E. Woodall See the previous posts: http://esrati.com/?s=woodall You aren’t forgotten Top. Chief Biehl, we’d still like to see this crime solved. The story is still hanging on my wall- looking at Read More

Photo of a protestor of the Sidebar in Dayton Ohio

Two sides to a public lynching of a small business owner: Sidebar

My very first clients for The Next Wave were restaurants. The Video Deli, The Third and Linden Market, Sodexo Marriott’s in house catering for Hobart in Troy, Pacchia. Since 1990, I’ve worked with many small businesses, but, of all of them, restaurants are by far the toughest. Employees act more like free-agents, you are judged Read More

Photo of scooter knocked over by Derecho winds in Downtown Dayton Ohio

Third world infrastructure in the United States

Last Thursday, July 26, 2012, was confirmation day: The United States is indeed a third world nation. My partner in life was supposed to fly back from LA to JFK to CVG (Cincinnati). Her flight out of LA was delayed, then when she got to JFK, her flight to Cincinnati was cancelled due to “weather” Read More

Kansas City tries a pilot bike share program

While Dayton waits for the $4 million paddle boat run, Kansas City is jumping ahead with a small Bike share program. The pedaling population of Kansas City is expected to increase with the arrival of a bike-sharing program that has been a success in other cities. Ninety sturdy bicycles will come rolling into downtown today Read More

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