3 years later- still an unsolved murder

Dayton Daily News cutting about SGM Woodall Murder

Gone, but never forgotten. SGM Woodall, US Army Special Forces

I almost missed the anniversary thanks to another discussion.

Today marks the third anniversary of the murder of an American hero: Sgt. Maj. North E. Woodall

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You aren’t forgotten Top.

Chief Biehl, we’d still like to see this crime solved.

The story is still hanging on my wall- looking at him every day.


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  1. Hall July 31, 2012 / 8:39 am
    I was just reminded of the policeman Kevin Brame who was murdered and is still unsolved (large banner on the East District Police building)…
  2. Trust your Blink August 12, 2012 / 4:02 pm
    10 years later – still an unsolved murder but apparently also kept from cold case status!
    Who is hiding what here?
    So sad that so many have met their untimely demise under such suspicious circumstances and to prevent their loved ones from ever seeing justice or knowing the by who and why cause of their loss.   For police officers and all the others who put their lives on the line to assure our safety and freedom, it is indeed a heartfelt, sad loss.  What escapes the imagination is when these matters have not been solved especially after so much time and when it involves one of our finest.  The placards seeking assistance into the murder of Sgt. Maj. North E. Woodhal serve as a reminder to us all that he will not be forgotten and that the investigation of his case is still ongoing.
    There appears to be numerous such unsolved cases in Montgomery County which is made evident by the use of an entire deck of 52 cards each portraying a victim of an unsolved case.
    However, there seems to be one victim missing from the listed unsolved murder victims list.  Not having been afforded any notoriety is the very suspicious homicide case in which, Luigi Annibale Bovenzi, 24, father of two, one being his new born baby girl, was violently taken from his children in November of 2002.  Luigi’s homicide case, which will see its 10 year anniversary in November of this year, is still touted as unsolved.
    In addition, Luigi’s case appears to never have been classified a cold case.   It apparently is still active in the Riverside police department though not afforded cold case status in the Ohio Attorney General’s office or local law enforcement. 
    There is a very troubling cause for concern arising from the few reports about Luigi’s horrific and untimely demise in that just a few weeks prior to his apparent deadly stabbing, he appeared before the court presided by a Judge Judy A. King, seeking a protection order which she denied.  It is reported that Luigi made sworn statements to the court indicating the he was being threatened of having persons “BEAT, ROB and KILL” him.  It was also reported that Luigi stated to the court that his tormentor, which obviously he named, made statements to him such as “’I’LL NEVER GET IN TROUBLE FOR WHAT I DO, I’LL NEVER GET CAUGHT, I ALWAYS GET AWAY WITH IT.”  Apparently no truer words could have been expressed to this court presided by Judge Judy King who disregarded Luigi’s reports of fear and physical violence. 
    What should be of concern for all is, what was the relationship between the court and Luigi’s tormentor such that his tormentor could assuredly express, with such confidence, complete immunity from accountability by the court which has kept Luigi’s homicide unsolved, covered up and apparently kept from the Ohio state cold case data base.  Those words of self assured immunity by Luigi’s tormentor have certainly been validated by the mere fact that Luigi’s children and loved ones have not received any justice or compassion in almost ten years for their loss.  Who as a father or mother would not be disgusted if their children never learned the truth about their demise should they too fall victim of such a heinous crime.
    Adding to the troubling circumstances, how is it that only one actual published story of Luigi’s homicide was ever written in the Dayton Paper?  One might think that for Luigi to have expressed his fear of harm, in front of a court and for a judge to have rendered her denial of protection, no more than three weeks prior to Luigi’s deadly stabbing, some journalist would have interviewed the presiding judge for more facts.  In such a rare occurrence that a judge denies a petition for protection by a frightened parent with a newborn baby girl, only to have that parent murdered less than three weeks later in a manner apparently consistent to what Judge had heard, disregarded and denied, should provide for some additional questioning.  Also, it is difficult to understand how Luigi’s murder has not been solved in ten years since it appears that Luigi had made sworn statements as to the identities of the feared tormentor and possible accomplices, all of which should have provided law enforcement with an advantageous foundation upon which to begin a proper investigation.
    However the most concerning question of Luigi’s murder is what connections did his tormentor and murderer(s) have within the court, and law enforcement such that two children have been denied the truth about their father’s untimely death for almost ten years.
    Perhaps all the un-connected residents of Montgomery County should consider the circumstances related to the homicide of Luigi A. Bovenzi and lament, “THERE BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD GO I”.
    See DDN Byline Tom Beyelein
    November 6, 2002 Local section Page B1 

    Also, it appears that Luigi’s family was powerless to effect or influence any hope of justice.  

  3. concerned family member January 11, 2013 / 2:37 pm
    trust your blink- 
    I totally agree with you.  Luigi’s case has been turned over just recently from Riverside PD to the Miami Valley Regional Cold Case Unit.  I hope if you have any concerns or further knowledge about the case, you voice them to the Detective there.  You never know what little bit of info can breathe new life into a cold case.  I’m hoping this case is brought to light via local media and the person(s) can be prosecuted and held accountable in the very near future!
  4. fear of life March 21, 2015 / 4:20 am
    OMG I can’t believe I didn’t see this before I heard those words myself the words I will never forget them as I was threatened many times h as “’I’LL NEVER GET IN TROUBLE FOR WHAT I DO, I’LL NEVER GET CAUGHT, I ALWAYS GET AWAY WITH IT.” and my fear still stands 13 years after ending ties with this crazy ass man. I heard those words all the time he said it on many occasions as he did things. He really did it I know who did it I can’t say my name he will kill me he had connection with the court that’s how he git out of so much he also would threaten to kill people if they didn’t do as he said and was serious I’m scared to death of this guy buy he knew the victim I don’t know what to do he followed a CIO home before he nuts
  5. fear of life March 21, 2015 / 4:22 am
    Followed a cop home

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