Someone please explain this?

Wayne Avenue is closed today- from Bainbridge to E. Fifth Street- for St. Patty’s day- so the Dublin Pub can have a drunk fest.

This closing affects other businesses (Coco’s for one) and the rest of us- who might need to get from here to there.

Why does a single business get to close a public street? Especially for a for-profit drunk fest? This is the same Dublin Pub that openly allowed smoking after the law banned it.

I’m confused- someone please explain?

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You complain that no one every visits downtown – then an event happens and you complain. It is ONE day of the year – and they often block off streets downtown for other festivals that are for profit. Grow up and grow some balls and stick to your story – oh, unless your story is to bitch all of the time. You can’t always have it your way. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE mention when the streets are blocked in the summer for other for profit events! PLEASE – rather than just blog you personal bitch against the Dub Pub. Grow up. No wonder why you did not get elected, bc you personalize every situation to benefit you. Dub Pub has a right to ask for said permit, and they received the proper permit. They are within their rights, just as City Folk festival and many others. I love how you rail on the Dub Pub but don’t mention OE for smoking, or Trolly Stop. Pat yourself on the back for being a supporter of Downtown Events.

David Esrati
David Esrati

As always you miss the point.
All those other events- are for ORGANIZATIONS- or multiple businesses.
This is Dub Pub only- and adversely affects other businesses.
If the OE or the Trolley Stop still have smoking- shame on them. I’ll stop in to see.


You miss the point – you stated …”for ORGANIZATIONS- or multiple businesses.” Businesses that MAKE MONEY. YOU MISS YOUR OWN POINT – that you are out to get Dub Pub, you claim to support Downtown when it WORKS for you, are against it when it helps and area and business and that they should not have such and event. I will bet every dollar I have that bars in the OD were busier b/c of the event, rather than hurt. The OD needs all the business it can get, bc it is such a dead zone. Boston’s used to have the same deal. Did you care then? No. This is why permits for blocking off street exist – to promote a business and/or area, and they pay for this permit, pay for a liq. lic., pay taxes etc… Or dont you get that. Any business in the OD or Downtown can do this, anyone – and those without liq. lic can get temporary liq lic for the day to PROMOTE their business. Dont tell me that Bonbright (dist of Miller beer) does not make money of the City Folk Fest – who cares if it is for an ORGANIZATION or BUSINESSES. They are all the same, trying to promote and grow, selling products for money. You are way off base and you have the biggest ego trying to say who can and who can’t do business when it is perfectly within a businesses right. You have such a double standard. IT is within their rights, and any other business owners right to have these events – as long as they buy buy a permit. And don’t you get the link between “Dublin Pub” and “St. Patricks Day.” They close the streets for Haloween, again to PROMOTE BUSINESS AND THE AREA.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Again- Halloween is multiple businesses.
Second- I’ve been a huge fan of the Dublin Pub- up until the point when they decided to ignore the law- and basically flip me off when I asked them to abide by it.
Third- If I could “vote you off the island”- I would, but, I don’t work that way. The answer to the Oregon District’s issues is to relax building and zoning codes- and allow liquor licenses- so adaptive reuse can happen- and we can get 100% occupancy. It’s not by blocking off the street for a day.


Again, you dont address the issues.
1) It is within Dub Pubs rights? Yes?
2) Multiple business vs. one business. Who cares how many – the traffic from Dub Pub benefits other bars in the area. Profit for multiple businesses or for one business – what is the difference. The difference is that you are too thick headed to see that there really is no difference when it come right down to it.
3) I think when a company like Bonbright has exclusive rights to sell beer, this would fall under you ONE BUSINESS – you have to buy from them if you want a beer , ie City Folk Fest. Why dont you cry about that or are you to busy patting yourself on the back for championing the causes for business in Downtown – oh that’s righ, Dub Pub is a business….
4) You have voted me off the island before, remember the “DUTCH” situation.

I think it is funny that most everyone who reads this can see that the Dublin Pub and City Folk Fest and any other Fest is perfectly in their right to buy a permit and do such things, which is what they do in REAL cities. You cant distinguish between the two. People who comment on this blog usually do when they AGREE with you…..notice no one has agreed with you on this? There is NO differenct between St. Patricks Day and City Folf Fest. Sorry, but people and businesses have a right to use this “blocking off the street” permit. I am not sure how many times a business can do this, or how much it costs, but if it is good for the City Folk Festival then it should apply to any and all businesses who are willing to pay and agree to work within the rules and reugulation of a PERMIT. It is just that simple.

The Dame
The Dame

Gene, I agree with you that it’s within the Dublin Pub’s right to request and receive this permit. Does it drive traffic to other OD bars? Probably. The OD is an entertainment district, after all. Even though it’s an inconvenience, the Pub St. Paddy’s Day event seems to have become a “destination” event.

But David, I agree with YOU that it’s a colossal pain in the ass to have that intersection blocked off because of the drunken morons who can’t figure out a crosswalk. I think the city started blocking off that intersection a few years ago after someone got plowed over on (I believe) St. Paddy’s Day.


They close down the road behind Meijer in Fairborn (I think it’s Kemp) for Meadow Run’s Mardis Gras celebration – and they have no permit – no profit – nothing – but city police are there to let people in and out. I couldn’t leave my apartment (not even in Meadow Run) for almost the entire weekend for fear of losing my parking to some schmuck wanting to party at Meadow Run.
During the G8 conference in Savannah the National Guard fenced off down town and had troops walking the streets even though the “protesters” had permits to be there.
One is a celebration – yeah it’s annoying – but at least it’s not the alternative (prisoner in my own town).