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Strickland shows his spine is missing- again

When an issue goes on the ballot- the voters don’t get to line item vote- it’s a simple yay- nay thing. We also don’t get to make excuses after the fact. We are presented with a choice and vote. Simple. No trying to define the word “is” or anything else. And in the election – it was complicated by having to vote on two separate issues to get it right.

The smoking ban wasn’t that close of a decision- Ohioans voted for smoke-free, even though the tobacco lobby- and the restaurant owners tried to confuse the voters. So why now does Strickland challenge the vote? Because he is quickly showing he has no spine to stand up to a vocal minority and do the right thing. First it was the stripper bill, and now this:

Strickland challenges smoking ban at private clubs [1]
On Friday, Gov. Ted Strickland said that he has asked Attorney General Marc Dann to appeal a May 17 decision in Franklin County Common Pleas Court that said the state overstepped its authority with a rule that exempted private clubs, including veterans’ groups, from the statewide indoor smoking ban approved by voters last year.
“I am troubled that many citizens, including veterans, voted for the smoking ban last fall with the understanding that it included an exception for private clubs, only to be told later that the ban doesn’t include a real exception,” Strickland said in a press release.

The veterans groups can do what other smokers now do in the state- go outside, and kill themselves solo. Still no need to stink up the joint for the rest of us- or expose us to dangerous second hand smoke. Smoking is a personal choice- and protected by law- no one is telling you not to smoke- just do it by yourself.

There is no reason to exempt any interior space in the State of Ohio for smoking. Follow the vote- voters were not misled, they had to make 2 votes to make this happen- or has our Governor forgotten.

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Frankly I think we have more to concern ourselves with then some stupid smoking ban. Evidently most of the population here didn’t feel it was worth even showing up to vote one way or another. But that said, when it comes to our Military men & women, which includes our veterans I think considering that they have fought for you to have the right to voice your oppinion I don’t think they should have to as you say “walk outside” to smoke.

It is a private club and a private club should be allowed to make their own rules. If you don’t like the rules then don’t join or form your own club. Quite a bit different then a public building which is open to the entire public.

Maybe the Military bases in each of the States will change their rules and allow the organizations to open up on Military bases, then they can smoke, the States cannot invoke their moral manority laws. Like the Indian Reservations the States cannot touch them.