Smoke Free Ohio

Other Voices: Plays smoking scene wasnt necessary

Today, the Dayton Daily News ran my fellow protester’s piece on our protest- of course they ran it on a Monday- one of their low circulation days. It’s already got one of their “Most Popular” links attached- and while this issue is important- what’s become more important is our State Government’s lame “we’re not enforcing Read More

Dublin Pub; Dayton Ohio’s Authentic lawbreakers

I went to the Dublin Pub tonight- looking forward to being able to eat indoors, normally, due to the smoke, I can only eat on their patio. I see the no smoking sign posted in the window- but inside people are smoking- and there are ashtrays on the bar- and the tables. I went to Read More

Smoking in the Theater- Terry Morris uses as a crib sheet.

Today’s DDN has a long (by their new “McNews” format) about the smoking ban- and its application to theater productions. It’s the same issue we protested outside Moonlight and Magnolias- see “Join my crusade! Smoke Free Theater in Dayton“, and DDN theater critic Terry Morris interviews Marsha Hanna. Considering Pam Strohmeyer and I protested this Read More

A day that shall live in infamy. Ohio goes smoke free Dec. 7 2006!

From Smoke Free Ohio: On Thursday December 7th, for the first time in Ohio’s history, all Ohioans will be able to go out to eat, go to a bowling alley, even go out for a drink with friends in a completely smoke-free environment. Hard to imagine, right? Not anymore! So, what is the best way Read More

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