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Where oh where is Joe Roberts now?

Dayton, we have a problem.

The last sacrificial lamb to the slaughter by Mike Turner has gone missing. Yes, the one endorsed by the Dayton Daily News:

Joe Roberts also lists education as his top priority, seeking an “overhaul” of “the system.” He points to U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown as a role model, and expresses general support of the Democratic “platform.”

He is a political consultant, saying he has worked for such low-profile candidates as Stephanie Studebaker and Dr. Mark MacNealy (who each briefly put their names up to run against Rep. Turner). Dr. MacNealy is the fellow whose withdrawal resulted in this special election.

Mr. Roberts has been involved in political causes (immigration reform, Barack Obama, Israel) for a long time, or at least long for his age, 25….

The best choice is Mr. Roberts, though, like Mr. Fogle, he would be a better choice for a lower-level job.

via Editorial: Joe Roberts best Dem bet in 3rd District primary | A Matter of Opinion.

via DDN picks the sacrificial lamb [1].

Turns out, he skipped town on the property owner who leased him his campaign headquarters on Wayne Avenue. She’s a single mother- and would like the $3,300 in unpaid rent and electric bills. Good news for Joe- the limit in small claims is $3,000, so he gets a $300 discount.

Apparently, he’s in Maine- somewhere Boston. If you know his whereabouts, please contact me so I can pass his info on to the landlord so she can take him to small claims court.

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   Good riddance, Joe….. The Montgomery County Democratic Party and the Dayton Daily News owe the citizens of this community an apology for their endorsement. If they didn’t want to endorse David (scorched earth) Esrati, they should have shown some integrity and endorsed no one. Voters are entitled to a discussion of issues and a real choice, or the election is a charade. 
   I crossed over in the primary to vote for David because I felt he would run, at the  least, an entertaining, challenging campaign against Mike Turner. The Democratic Party chose hari kari. 
  Joe Robert’s situation reminds of the old Henny Youngman line-” I’ve got all the money I’ll ever need, if i die by four o’clock.” 


Ice Bandit

…oh where for art thee dearest Joe?
   In Bucharest or Idaho?
   If we believe the rumor mill,
   you’re holding up in south Brazil.
   or with the Sherpas in Tibet.
   We don’t have all the facts just yet.
   You’ve been spotted at a mosque in Turkey,
   Busting bucking broncs in Albuquerque.
   And according to the CIA,
   you’ve been in Asia since Monday,
   sitting with Mongols in a yurt.
   We may ask for an amber alert.
   And others swear they spied Old Joe,
   in the Hindu Kush with his pal Waldo.
   And others speculate and suspect,
   Joe is playing goalie in Quebec.
   Or down in Nashville dating Dolly Parton,
   his face adorning my milk carton.
   The curious folks at TMZ,
   insist Joe has disciples in Galallie.
   And a check of hotel reservations,
   claims Joe’s on the payroll of the United Nations,
   at a secret lab in South Korea,
   working on a cure for gonorrhea.
   So wherever Joe may come to rest,
   in mountains east or prairies west.
   In temples old, in villas bright,
   in sunless days or moonless night,
   in mansion grand or humble tent,
   just give your poor landlord the mammy-friggin rent….


His Linkedin page has his employer as Senior Development Officer, Affinites at Combined Jewish Philanthropies  in Boston. 



The landlord should still file a small claims suit. I sued one of the Monarchs and some of their family members for unpaid rent in Vandalia small claims court. When the registered letters from the court to their last known addresses went unclaimed and/or refused – they court published the notice in the paper. It delayed our court date by a month or so, but served the purpose of legally serving them.

pizzabill (Bill Daniels)

We goalies take great umbrage at the line “Joe is playing goalie in Quebec.”  There’s no way he’d be caught in one of our nets.  Otherwise, Encore! Author!


Pizza Bill:
Quebec? They are now in Colorado. Pretty hard to play goalie for Quebec.


With all due respect, Mr. Esrati, I think there are a few hockey teams still in Quebec… just not the Nordiques, of course, but the Ole’ Bandito didn’t specify a team.  Maybe he meant the Granby Predateurs… no they’ve been gone since 2004… maybe the Jonquiere Condors… nope… gone since 2002… maybe the Laval Chiefs, subject of a fascinating documentary (Les Cheifs) based on the lives of players in a semi-pro Quebec hockey league.  Maybe he’s one of the “Rent-A-Goalies” hanging around Cafe Primo in Toronto’s Little Italy (“Rent-A-Goalie” was a great Canadian sit-com that you don’t want to miss if you’ve ever played in a hockey beer league).
Or maybe he’s not.
I think we should all meet up, go to a Gems game at good ole’ Hara, and forget about Bob Roberts altogether.


“And others speculate and suspect,
 Joe is playing goalie in Quebec.”

Maybe the poet just needed a locale that rhymes with “suspect”?


@Allison: Presuming you “won”, did you also collect the money ? As I understand it, small claims court doesn’t enforce the ruling. It’s just a decision on a piece of paper. They won’t garnish wages, force them to pay, etc.


I won and collected. Had I not collected, I would be holding a lien on someones home.


I know you can place liens on someone’s property when money is owed from work done on that same property, for example. In the case of rent, can you do that ? Since they paid, I guess you didn’t have to find out ! :)

What I meant for typical small-claims court, say for example, someone damages something I own. I take them to small-claims court, win, and nothing else happens. I can’t make them pay the damages that the court awarded and the court won’t help either. Many people don’t know that though and do the right thing and pay.  


Clouding the title may have been a better choice of words, resulting in the same effect. Of course, I likely would have garnished this person’s wages through the county. The court won’t do the collecting for you, but they provide the tools for you to do it yourself.