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The Montgomery County Democratic Party eats its own

Democratic Slate card 2010 PDF [1]

Strahorn, Foley and Keith think they are more important than Fisher, Roberts and Coussoule [2]

Strahorn, Foley and Keith think they are more important than Fisher, Roberts and Coussoule

The Ohio “Democratic Party” is distributing a voting slate card (dummy voter card) that prominently features local party hack Vice Chairman Karl Keith on the front with Governor Ted Strickland, but entirely leaves out Strickland’s former lieutenant governor Lee Fisher who is running for the open senatorial seat vacated by Republican George Voinovich.  Or the two congressional candidates, Joe Roberts for Ohio 3 and Justin Coussoule in Ohio 8.

Does this mean they don’t care if right-wing Republican Rob Portman wins the seat? We know they don’t care if Turner returns- never having given him serious opposition.

When I first posted this, I was quickly chastised for not knowing the rules of funding federal candidates, since the local party doesn’t have a Federal PAC, they can’t list the federal candidates without them paying pro-rata share. I took the post down. I have since been informed that the party used to get around this by “having the state party pay for it out of their federal PAC” – and since this piece says it was paid for by the state party- it means either the state party doesn’t think it worth it to support Fisher, Roberts or Coussoule- or are there are other reasons?

The Democratic Slate card missing congressional candidates [3]

Federal candidates be damned. We're all about the monarchy of Montgomery County

Fisher’s point person in the County is none other than Dayton City Commissioner Nan Whaley, a dilettante who believes herself to be a debutante. Considering that local party chairman Mark Owens and Vice Chairman Karl Keith worry more about their re-elections than pushing a true Democratic ticket, it may be the reason this piece puts a county auditor’s mug shot on the front instead of the Senate candidate.

Rob Portman’s election to the Senate is far more dangerous to all Dems in the county – with his likely vote against universal health care or troop withdrawals from Afghanistan. Karl Keith losing to Harry Bossey as auditor has zero import in the grand scheme of things.

As a reminder, these people vote, and will be out in force on Tuesday- should they have their way because the Ohio Democratic Party can’t get its act together?

Let’s go one step further- could it be that given that both Fisher and Roberts are Jewish- is the local party anti-Semitic? Because they can’t pronounce Coussoule – do they not figure a way to put his name on too? Or is it that he “ain’t from around here” that disqualifies him?

The Montgomery County Democratic Party has some serious explaining to do.

It’s time to hold the people at the Montgomery County Democratic Party liable for their ineptitude- and let’s start with the three on the front of this piece with Governor Ted.

For putting Strahorn, Foley and Keith on the front- while leaving off key national positions, these three don’t deserve re-election.

Vote for Bill Beagle [4] (R) for Ohio Senate instead of Fred Strahorn. Strahorn is a nice guy who has been playing political musical chairs to become a lifetime politician. Vacating one’s seat early so the party can slide in another candidate is a practice that should be made illegal. If you step down from a seat, you shouldn’t be able to serve in any other elected position until your full term expires.

Vote for Jan Kelly [5] (R) for County Commissioner instead of Dan Foley. Another nice guy, but one who hasn’t taken any responsibility or action against Ms. Feldman for the many financial scandals in the county. He’s a consummate cover-his-ass-politically instead of doing the right thing. He has been a weak voice among three weak commissioners, failing to pull all the communities into the regional dispatch plan and some would say, as the former County Clerk, he should have caught the exorbitant pay to the sheriffs appraisers. He is also a son of a judge, and has been given preferential treatment by the party since high school. A true blue-blood of the Montgomery County Monarchy, it’s time that he experienced at least ten minutes of employment in the private sector- and not for some company like DP&L as their “community affairs” person.

Vote for Harry Bossey [6] (R) for county Auditor (hopefully, he won’t put his picture as the favicon for the county like Keith [7] does). In the grand scheme of things who the auditor is really doesn’t matter much more than who is elected to  the coroner or the clerk of courts positions. These are elected positions only because Ohio is a back-assward state that has been unable to reform and control government bureaucracy. What is essential here is that Bossey may not turn the auditor’s office into a patronage platform the way he has. Mr. Nan Whaley, Sam Braun, might have to find a real job if Bossey beats Keith. Keith is another governmental lifer who doesn’t have a lick of private-sector experience on his vitae.

No matter what in the choice between Strickland and Kasich, there is no question that Strickland is the better candidate, regardless of the stupidity of the local and state party.

It’s time the local Democratic Party started to act like Democrats instead of a spoiled little bunch of political hacks who’ve enjoyed strong union support for years- giving them the upper hand.

Now, with GM closed- the remaining unions of strength are mostly on government payrolls. Teachers, trash collectors and transit workers might not tolerate this kind of blatant misuse of funds and misrepresentation of the Democratic Party. Time will tell.

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Modern Esquire

Wow, what a hate-filled misleading post.  Did you even bother to ASK anyone why the federal candidates weren’t included?  Of course not.  You’d rather accuse the ODP and Montgomery Democratic Party of being biased against Jews instead.

There are separate campaign finance laws that deal with state and federal candidates.  And federal law says you can’t use state campaign finance money to advance federal candidates UNLESS it’s a party coordinate campaign mailing AND the federal candidate campaign has contributed its prorata share of the cost of the publication.

Fisher and Turner’s opponent didn’t do it.  The Montgomery County Party may not even have a federal candidates’ fund (most county parties don’t), so they couldn’t LEGALLY put those two candidates on their GOTV mailing.


One plausible reason they might have included Strickland but not Fisher or Roberts is to focus voters’ attention on Democrats who have a chance. I don’t like that Fisher is a lost cause, but at this point it’s pretty clear that he is. Roberts…what needs to be said?

If prominence on such a flyer is understood as valuable real estate, a case can be made for using it strategically.

I don’t know enough about county level government to comment on your endorsements there, except to say that to persuade me to vote for a Republican, you’d have to give me some actually positive reasons to vote for them, rather than just the case against the (D).  

Based on the case you make against Strahorn, I can only assume you voted for George W. Bush in 2004, since his opponent was trying to leave one office early to ‘slide into’ another position. In all serious, though, that’s really not at all a compelling reason to make the Republican majority all the more impenetrable in the state Senate. I can imagine two good reasons to vote for Strahorn’s opponent: 1) Strahorn is exceedingly, horrifically, lawlessly corrupt, or 2) You prefer the legislative agenda of the Ohio Republican party to the legislative agenda of the Ohio Democratic party. Since you’re supporting Strickland, I can assume (2) is not true. If you have reason to believe (1) is true I can’t really imagine you’d be holding back. I honestly don’t care whether Strahorn is a nice guy or a raging a-hole; whether he’s a sincere and committed public servant or a cynical political hack. The previous thread’s comment from Jeremy is exactly right: the personal characteristics of backbenchers just doesn’t much matter. You’ve voting for a legislative agenda, not a person, even if you think you’re voting for a person. That Americans commonly believe otherwise doesn’t make it true.

Richard Burks

Thanks for this blog David you are spot on with regard to Ms. Whaley. I have been told repeadily how important Ms Whaley is to the city of Dayton, that she was the real power behind the previous Mayor and how she is planning to run for higher office..blah blah blah blah BS.  I put her in the same category as John Husted..self-serving, selfish and the most dishonest of all Public Servants here in Montgomery County. I have been to many a Party Meeting where”this elitist group” stand in the back of the room or stand in the hallway and conduct their own mini”self-grandisement ” meeting..they add nothing to the over-all meeting in attempts to rally the troops.
As long as this strangle-hold continues on local Democratic Politics..they will not be successful and candidates like Mike Turner and Rob Portman and John Husted will continue to win elections here in Ohio.
It is a shame that the local Democratic Party has forgotten what the Democratic Colorado  leader told them in 2005, to spend time and search out individuals that would not only be good candidates but could win elections.
I only can guess that Ms Whaley attached her name to the wrong horse in this election by being point person for Lee Fisher….because when the truth is known she was using this as a stepping stone for own good. Just like John Husted has no interest in the position he is running for, as he sights are on another goal..John you have been a good mentor for local Democrats!

David Lauri

OK, I’ll bite.  How is it that you could be asking “could it be that given that both Fisher and Roberts are Jewish- is the local party anti-Semitic?” just one day after attacking Joe Roberts for “calling Turner ‘No friend of the Jewish people’“?


I’ll consider your endorsements, David, but Bill Beagle is a creep.  Look, why is “career politician” an insult–do you honestly want an endless stream of newbies to be running our state and nation?  People in the know have reported that term limits are one factor in the decline of quality in our legislature; a new rep or senator takes a few years to figure out how to get around and how to work effectively, and then they get bumped out to another new position.

If “career politician” is an insult, how about “career marketer” or “career police officer” or “career educator”?  If someone wants to make a career in public service, we should judge the person on the quality of work, not on length of tenure.

William Herrick

Our Montgomery County Democratic Party Leadership no longer represents the interests of Montgomery County residents; nor are they “Democratic”; nor are they providing “Leadership”.
This is the type of self-serving cronyism that I first encountered when Ed Sadlowski was attempting to revitalize the USWA. Ed Sadlowski “lost” (Union Locals reporting more votes than members) that union election and the entrenched Union “leadership” and the Corporate executives manged to kill the US Steel industry.
What can We do after the election to get this situation turned around before our “Leaders” manage to kill off Montgomery County?

Ice Bandit

Are the local Democrats engaged in cannibalism, you ask dear David? Well, the answers are of course and why shouldn’t they? For the Democrat’s ship is caught in that aeronautical phenomena known as the “death spiral,”  a state as irreversible as it is disorientating and terrifying . Smoking and flaming and headed for the mountainside just like that soccer team from Paraguay. However, the Dems just aren’t waiting until after the crash-and-burn to commence eating sole (as in the bottom of your feet) food.  Unlike the Beltway Dems, who are insulated by geography and a fawning media, local Dems stay home and take the heavy heat, and the locals know the cauldron of discontent that has been brewing. They know the electorate is getting out the whuppin’ stick and for them, it ain’t going to be pretty………

Mike McDermott

Fred Strahorn is challenged with one of the most poisonous foibles of holding persistent office. The argument could be made that Strahorn is no longer interested in researching the problems or championing solutions that plague Montgomery, Miami and Darke Counties. Seek out his voting record and listen to his current solutions list for jobs and the economy before you vote today.
My endorsement for Bill Beagle shares the reasons why his candidacy may be better for the Miami Valley.  Regardless of who you vote for today, please do so with an understanding that your vote CAN make a difference.
The local Democrat and Republican parties both fail their platforms and constituents. It’s the People that will have to rise above the ineptitude.

Jeff Dziwulski

This is the type of self-serving cronyism that I first encountered when Ed Sadlowski was attempting to revitalize the USWA. Ed Sadlowski “lost” (Union Locals reporting more votes than members) that union election and the entrenched Union “leadership” and the Corporate executives manged to kill the US Steel industry.

Wow, someone who remembers Ed Sadlowski!   He is still around up there in “da Region’, doing some sort of labor history education or something.  Sort of an old timer

Jeff Dziwulski

After re-reading this post I realized something.

David Esrati is a Democratic precinct captain for, I guess, his part of South Park.   Yet he endorsed three Republicans here.  

I have a certain expectation that a precinct captain would show some party loyalty and get behind the ticket, unless there is some gross malfeasance going on.   The nature of the job is that the precinct captain needs to support the party, not the man, unless there is something really wrong with the man.  And as far as I know there is nothing really wrong with Keith, Foley, and Strahorn aside from them being lackluster candidates.   To be brief about it, the precinct captain needs to get out the vote for the slate, even if he’d rather see someone else on that slate.  

But instead you endorese three Republicans here on your blog. 

David, you really need to resign as precinct captain.  It would be the right thing to do.

 Someone  who will really work the precinct for the Democratic slate  needs to be doing the job, not you.  If the Democrats can’t find someone to do that job for your neighborhood, shame on them. 

Richard Burks

Dave not to worry… I took over my Precint in 2004 and two additional addjoining in 2006 here in Kettering..walked all three, distributed election materials and made contact with every registered Democrat and Independent during the 2006 Strickland/ Brown Campaign. The same in 2007 but when I missed the party meeting inwhich the elections for Party Leadership, even though I turned my paperwork in, my Precint and the other two were given to a Party Hack who would vote for the parties/candidates to be. I never once even though I called, wrote a letter and emailed the District Captain and “never” even got a reply ,a thank you nothing in those 3 years, and Kate can attest to it because I complained on more than one ocassion.
And as for the comment re:you supporting three non-Democratic candidates, might I add Montgomery Democrats endorsed Steve Byington..who endorsed Peggy Lehner in 2008…enough said!

Dr. Michael D. Evans

Politics has already become a circus. It leaves me in a state of confusion.

[…] house of republicans won’t make a bit of difference. I’ll say this though- when I wrote 4 years ago to vote for Beagle because he wasn’t a career politician like Fred St…- I made a mistake. Beagle is an empty suit, totally incapable of saying where he stands on the […]