Where oh where is Joe Roberts now?

Dayton, we have a problem.

The last sacrificial lamb to the slaughter by Mike Turner has gone missing. Yes, the one endorsed by the Dayton Daily News:

Joe Roberts also lists education as his top priority, seeking an “overhaul” of “the system.” He points to U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown as a role model, and expresses general support of the Democratic “platform.”

He is a political consultant, saying he has worked for such low-profile candidates as Stephanie Studebaker and Dr. Mark MacNealy (who each briefly put their names up to run against Rep. Turner). Dr. MacNealy is the fellow whose withdrawal resulted in this special election.

Mr. Roberts has been involved in political causes (immigration reform, Barack Obama, Israel) for a long time, or at least long for his age, 25….

The best choice is Mr. Roberts, though, like Mr. Fogle, he would be a better choice for a lower-level job.

via Editorial: Joe Roberts best Dem bet in 3rd District primary | A Matter of Opinion.

via DDN picks the sacrificial lamb.

Turns out, he skipped town on the property owner who leased him his campaign headquarters on Wayne Avenue. She’s a single mother- and would like the $3,300 in unpaid rent and electric bills. Good news for Joe- the limit in small claims is $3,000, so he gets a $300 discount.

Apparently, he’s in Maine- somewhere Boston. If you know his whereabouts, please contact me so I can pass his info on to the landlord so she can take him to small claims court.

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