Occupy Wall Street

The forum of the people of Dayton? esrati.com

I get inspiration from the readers of this site. I also get tips, kudos, slammed and damned. All of it OK, as long as it’s raising the level of discussion and making people think about things that aren’t necessarily on the top of people’s stuff-I-should-about list. The recent post about the Downtown Dayton Partnership requesting Read More

Occupy what? Does lack of clear leadership discount a protest?

I’m tired of people armchair quarterbacking the entire “Occupy Wall Street” movement. You can’t protest without knowing exactly what you are protesting? You must have a clear vision statement. Without a mission we need to form a panel to come up with recommendations that are acceptable to a majority, and of course, politically correct. I Read More

The 2 Party System is really the rich vs the other 99% of us, Occupy Dayton

Occupy Dayton Rally today- next on Saturday

We protested a bit today on Courthouse Square in Dayton, Ohio. Will be back out on Saturday. The Facebook group Occupy Dayton has added 250 since last night when it had 500. Go ahead and like it yourself. I’ll write a longer post- but for now, look back to this one: Would you recognize the Read More

Would you recognize the beginning of the 2nd American Revolution if you saw it?

Even in this hyper-connected, instant-on, information-overloaded world we live in, the ability to identify what is truly important isn’t something we’re built to do. Don’t believe me? Google was created to sort through all the dreck and come up with a top-ten list, and often times it can’t do it either (and it made people Read More