Ohio 3rd Congressional race

Roberts gets outed as clueless hack

I’ll now officially be voting for no one in the race I vacated. Had a Libertarian, a Green, a Socialist- a pumpkin party candidate ran for Congress in OH-3, they would have got my vote, but given the choice between Mike Turner and Joe Roberts, I’d prefer to sit this one out. With as many Read More

Centralized defranchisement

Nov 3 2009, DAVID ESRATI 9440 votes. City of Dayton commission race. July 13 2010 David Esrati 958 votes Democratic special primary, OH-3 add in 50 votes in part of Warren County, no results available in Highland County, and 28 votes in Clinton County with ZERO results on the Secretary of State page and you Read More

Sign for your regular polling place

I should have thought of this earlier. If you would like to help stop the confusion- please print this sign- take it to your normal polling place and tape it on the door. Circle the polling place you have been assigned. Thank you. Thank you for helping out. The election for Ohio 3 is today, Read More

Polling places for July 13 Special primary election for OH-3

Originally published Jun 10 2010- updated today, 12 July 2010 The four polling places in Montgomery County will be: North: Animal Resource Center: 6790 Webster Street, Dayton, OH 45414-2656 Central: Montgomery County Fairgrounds 1043 South Main Street, Dayton, OH 45409-2797 South: Cox Arboretum: 6733 Springboro Pike, Dayton, OH 45449 West: New Lebanon Village Offices 198 Read More

Support these restaurants that deliver democracy

So far, my little grassroots effort to get restaurants to deliver a little bit of democracy- a non-partisan postcard with the candidates names, pictures and websites, along with voting info Delivering democracy small pdf has been supported by these restaurants: Dayton’s Original Pizza Factory: 224-4477 Dragon China 293-3888 Pie Pizzeria 228-4PIE Submarine House Brown Street Read More

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