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Mike Turner admits his congressional seat is for sale

Mike Turner still believes he was a great Mayor for Dayton. He’s also delusional about who paid his way to congress, he’s been the step-child of the Military Industrial Complex- with most of his backing coming from base contractors and his former boss, Raj Soin.

Considering he’s become a total Trump supporter, this may be the one chance the Dems get to unseat him from his gerrymandered Republican District. He’s not helping himself by trying to attach his opposition, Desiree Tims, with lobbyist Larry Householder or others- he’s taken so much money from lobbyists it’s embarrassing. And let’s not get into how his first wife would do work for the Home Depot PAC, or for the Army Corps of Engineers (it’s a whole category of posts on this blog [1]– showcasing how her “marketing agency” served as a slush fund to prop him up and turn him into a millionaire.) The final straw, and the first downfall for JP Nauseef, was when the Dayton Development Coalition hired Turner’s wife’s firm to do a marketing campaign for the region- to which they embarrassingly came up with “Get Midwest.”

So, Turner’s taken in millions from lobbyists, from quasi-governmental agencies in the area via dubious channels, and become a millionaire, and he dares to attack Tims because “She doesn’t have enough money to run for Congress.”
As if he does- legitimately. And what is that amount Congressman? You spent close to 3/4 of a million dollars to beat Joe Roberts- the biggest joke the local Dem hacks have run against you. He spent less than $7K.

Turner said the ad is intended to point out how Tims’ campaign is fueled by contributions from sources outside the 10th Congressional district.

“I’ve served this community as mayor — two terms, eight years — and have served this community to build jobs at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and my financial support and voter support is from this community,” Turner said.

“She came back and brought outside money with her and that’s the only reason she’s able to run for Congress.

Absent her lobbyist connections and outside money, she doesn’t have enough money to run for office.”

Source: Turner ad tries to tie foe to Householder – Dayton Daily News [2]

If there is one congressman that’s done absolutely nothing worth re-election, it’s Mike Turner.

And, now, we know who he works for- the people that buy him his seat every two years.
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Mike Turner : No question, the Dems have lined up unimpressive competition over the years. 2018 was Theresa Gasper. No political experience and no common sense. The woman hooked her campaign exclusively to #metoo; and, for good measure – blabbed about Turner having too much interest in WPAFB. So, this cycle’s entry is Desiree Tims. If her campaign is based on Turner smearing her in commercials – she’ll be relegated to the long list of failed opponents and nothing more. If the Dems truly saw the seat as winnable – they’d convince Deb Lieberman to give it a go. Or, off the track – Cheryl McHenry, Jamie Krumhower, Marsha Bonhart or another recognizable face. Hell, even Nan Whaley could give Turner a run. BUT, Desiree * do not kid yourself in a million years that you can solve the seemingly elusive opportunity. It is, frankly, just that > elusive. David* I do not discount your obvious displeasure w/ Turner’s unashamed career politico status. He’s that! No question. Somehow, familiarity gets him a landslide every time around. It certainly is not because he delivers tremendous representation to the Miami Valley. Nope! The guy does not return calls nor does his sanctimonious staff. Calling constituents? Are you kidding me – beneath East End Mikey. There in lies Desiree’s chance. Convincing folks – all of the folks that she really is in it for the people. Tough year for her w/o appearance opportunities; but, wasting time on putting out a Householder fire is a fool’s errand. 2020 requires abundant creativity on message deliverance. In a negativity charged country * Desiree needs to be that spark of positivity.