Trump, Turner, The F35 and unicorns

The F35 is made of moneyTrump says the F35 costs too much. Congressman Turner has never met a weapons program, especially one run out of his district, that he’s not in love with. The F35 is a mythical air superiority, one size fits all services, fighter, that was obsolete before it ever flew. A unicorn is a mythical creature that allegedly looks like a horse, but has a single large horn protruding from its forehead.

On 13 June, 1944, the Germans sent the first V-1 across the channel to bomb London. This was a week after the Allies had landed on Normandy. V stood for Vengeance. 1 was because it was first. The first crude cruise missile, long before microcomputers, GPS, and laser guidance systems were developed.

The modern cruise missile can deliver a larger payload, across longer distances, faster and can be retargeted in flight. It was the beginning of the end of the need for slow, large, manned bombers.

The Air Force, run by pilots, high on testosterone and brainwashed by watching the movie “Top Gun” too many times, still believe that battles in the sky are won by men in cockpits. They’ve pushed for newer, faster, stealthier, more lethal, planes even though the Germans were smart enough to take their pilots out of danger to deliver bombs back in 1944. The Japanese, who hadn’t yet become the geniuses to give us the Walkman and the transistor radio, gave up on the idea of trying to bring their pilots home and invented the Kamikaze, a one way ticket to Valhalla, as a desperation move to do what the Germans were doing without a guy in the sky.

The F35 is our Kamikaze, no matter what the technology, no matter what the price. There is no sane reason to put a human in a plane to go battle with other aircraft. The future, is in drones/unmanned aerial vehicles/remotely controlled aircraft. Yes, that thing you bought the kids for Christmas for $49.95 is the entry level air superiority fighter. Just add a few million more, and you have a craft that can go faster, farther, deliver more payload, and pull as many G’s in a turn as you want- because without a pilot in the plane, you don’t have to worry about the fundamental limitations of humans- they weren’t meant to go on a roller coaster without rails traveling at mach 2. Typically a fighter pilot is trained to manage up to 9g’s in very short bursts. Much longer, and the risks become deadly.

For those of you who don’t comprehend mach 2, it’s 1534.54 miles per hour, twice the speed of sound. The fastest roller coaster in the world right now tops out at 150mph, and may max out at 4-5 G’s for very short periods of time.

Remotely controlled vehicles don’t care how many G’s they pull or how fast they go. They can even be disposable, just like Kamikaze pilots. This is, and has been the future of warfare, and the defense industrial complex doesn’t care. They want to sell us the most expensive buggy whip ever in the day of the electric, self-driving car.

The F35 pilot is equipped with a helmet that costs over a half-million dollars each. It’s a marvel of technology- by turning his head to the floor- he can see through the bottom of the plane and what’s below, swivel his head back- and he can see all the way behind him, look at something- and mark a target- all while flying at hypersonic speeds, but why? All this information can feed a pilot on the ground- far away- or not feed a human being at all. We know what the enemy looks like, just program the computer to kill it.

Unfortunately, while President Trump knows the public has been getting shafted with cost overruns and on the most expensive weapon ever, he thinks that shaving 20% off the cost changes things and makes it better. It doesn’t. It just makes it a cheaper coffin for our pilots who will be facing hordes of unmanned craft that cost next to nothing comparatively and can pull 20 G’s and not pass out.

Last summer, I sat down with Moshe Arens, former ambassador to the United States from Israel, and their 3 time defense minister. He’s an aeronautical engineer by training, and was a staunch opponent of Israel buying the F35 (he lost that by one vote). His answer was a much less expensive plane built and flying with Israeli battle tested technology, that first flew in 1986. The Lavi was cheaper, single mission, and higher tech than what had been proposed by the US. However, Arens lost his battle by one vote, with Israeli politicians believing that by helping the American military industrial complex get what they want, Israel would solidify its interdependence with the US.

While Trump is asking to look to an upgraded F18, maybe, he should be looking to the Lavi, or to the Swedes who went the low cost route with the JAS 39 Gripen, of course, either of these aircraft wouldn’t come with nice fat campaign donations that fund chicken hawk politicians like Turner’s campaign. Lockeed Martin is his number one contributor, and the defense industry is his number one segment.

As always, follow the money. In 2018, the Montgomery County Democratic Party must run a better candidate against Turner, or realize that we’re just backing turning our pilots into kamikazes instead of winning battles so that Mike can have money to continue to be your congressman suck up to the defense industry.

You don’t have to believe in unicorns, or vote for Mike Turner, or believe that the F35 makes us safer. It just costs a lot, like President Trump keeps saying. If he wants to drain the swamp, killing the F35 would be a good start.


Whaley and the Syrian refugees

The vitriol in the comments on Facebook, and even the South Park NextDoor site, was incendiary. “You can have them live at your house” and “why don’t you take care of homeless veterans first” were recurring themes. Recall was mentioned too.

What did Queen Nan do?

Whaley and 17 other U.S. mayors sent a letter Thursday asking the president to increase the number of asylum-seekers America will take in.

Source: Dayton mayor would welcome Syrian refugees

And, I actually agree with her and the 17 other mayors. We should do more for refugees- and we should also ground the Syrian Air Force- like yesterday, but, that’s the question you should be asking Congressman Mike Turner- who takes yet another swipe at Whaley for overstepping her authority.

The parallels between Turner and Whaley are becoming more apparent over time- both lust for complete control and a strong mayor form of government, both love media attention, and both can’t stand it when they hire a city manager who actually tries to do the job.

Whaley is predictable in her actions- she always wants to put herself on a higher pedestal- to feel more important, to pry her way kicking and screaming to the Na(n)tional stage. Her ego knows no bounds.

And, she wants to please people with money- so she can keep her campaign coffers full- and show her prowess at fundraising- the new prima facia scorecard for politicians. Her connections with Miller Valentine, with the Fairgrounds project, the no-bid Arcade fix, etc. are suspect.

The other essential in Queen Nan’s court- is loyalty. There may not be a ceremony involving drops of blood to seal the oath, but, the passing over of Terry Slaybaugh for the interim manager’s job for Shelley Dickstein was most likely due to Slaybaugh’s short jaunt to Milwaukee which was seen as a slight to her royal highness.

There is zero interest for Nan to work to improve service delivery to current Daytonians unless there is a donation to be had or a tent pole accomplishment for her to add to her resume. She just doesn’t operate at that level. It’s the megalomania factor at work.

Dayton is in desperate need of more citizens- as is Ohio. We’ve lost 2 seats in Congress due to population stagnation, and now we’ve lost the speaker of the house. Nan looks at Syrian refugees as additional taxpayers- knowing full well that they also come with federal assistance dollars to help them get started. The idiots commenting on the article in the Dayton Daily news don’t understand that there is a huge difference between documented refugees and undocumented illegal aliens.

The United States was founded and built by “refugees” – and we seem to have done OK. The idea that those fleeing the war zone are ISIS jihadists trying to infiltrate the U.S. is laughable- but, reading comments you’d think they are coming over wielding Kalashnikovs.

The mess in the Middle East is a much bigger problem than just refugees, it’s human rights, it’s religious freedoms, it’s economic, it’s a complete lack of peace and prosperity- and much of it can be attributed to the lack of statesmanship by the political hacks we elect. Europe has an even bigger problem with assimilating refugees than we do, and yet, we’re not working together to stem the flow. Probably because we allow our defense industrial complex to sell way too many weapons to the wrong people- and they in turn buy too many political offices in our country- including Mike Turner’s seat.

If you need to see what refugees can mean to Dayton, all you have to do is look to the Ahiska Turks in Old North Dayton- what was falling down, is now standing tall. And while they didn’t come here originally because of anything any politician did – Mayor Gary Leitzell reached out and made the connections and the “Welcome Dayton” program was born- Nan has had no problem stealing credit and trying to give it to Matt Joseph to prop up her most loyal puppet on the commission.

The likelihood of any Syrians actually showing up in Dayton is small. But, the reality of Nan putting herself on a stage with her heroes Rahm Emanuel and Bill DiBlasio has already happened. Her goal has been reached- and most Daytonians are none the wiser.

The un-politician running for Congress in OH10, meet Rob Klepinger

Qualifications for running for congress as set out by the founding fathers:

  • Be 25 or older
  • Live in the US for over 7 years.

New qualifications for Congress according to media, politicians, and stupid voters:

  • Spend at least a million dollars with the media, be a career politician, and don’t say anything that sounds like you have a mind of your own.
  • Sell out to special interests to get the million dollars.
  • Be a stuffed suit. Preferably a lawyer.

Mike Turner, “our” congressman fits description two perfectly. His well oiled machine even had some idiot voters having Turner signs next to Obama signs in the last 2 elections.

If you listen to Mike Turner, his favorite thing to say is “I work for Wright Patterson Air Force Base”- even though he voted to shut it down along with the rest of the government.

Political races shouldn’t be defined by dollars in the campaign fund, they should be defined by ideas. Right now with an overwhelming number of Americans believing used car salesman or trained monkeys could do a better job in Congress, it’s sad that when a decent guy, a school teacher, decides to run for Congress because he meets qualifications of the founding fathers, he is totally ignored because he doesn’t meet the “New Qualifications” of being what I like to call “the best politician money can buy.”

I sat down and talked with Rob Klepinger for a short interview so you can see what a real person running for Congress sounds and looks like. He doesn’t have a proper campaign site up, and he’s not raised enough money to have to file campaign reports, but if you are sick of a dysfunctional Congress- you may want to amble over to Facebook and at least like his page:

The current Ohio district 10 contains all of Montgomery County and Greene County and a sliver of Fayette County.

Here is the interview- enjoy

Polling places for July 13 Special primary election for OH-3

Originally published Jun 10 2010- updated today, 12 July 2010

The four polling places in Montgomery County will be:

I’ll have physical addresses later- along with polling times and rules.

To determine where to vote in Montgomery county- use their “Finder”

Polls will be open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., please bring valid ID. You can vote early today at the Montgomery County BOE in the basement of the Montgomery County Building: 451, W. Third Street, Dayton OH 45481 until 4 p.m.

The three candidates are: David Esrati (you’re on my site), Guy N. Fogle 10484 South Union Rd., Dayton, 45342, and Joe Roberts 308 E. Dorothy Lane, Dayton, 45419. No other petitions turned in.

This is to elect a Democrat to the November ballot to face Republican incumbent Mike R. Turner in OH-3 for Congress.

If you want to vote absentee (it’s too late to request absentee)- they will have a request for the form online at:

Note THIS SITE IS NOT SECURE- therefore, I recommend only enter your birthday or any other non-secure info (leave out your driver’s license and last 4) then print it out- and fill those in by hand. Believe it or not- to receive a ballot- they insist on a original signature. Then make sure you mail it to the correct board of elections (the form will work in Warren, Highland or Clinton County).

If you don’t have the money for a stamp, you can call 937-228-4433 and I’ll be out to pick it up and hand deliver to the BOE. I’m now told only immediate family may deliver ballots or requests. I’ll supply postage if need be. Same goes for your ballots. This process is a way to disenfranchise poor voters who can’t find transportation to the polls or afford postage.

I will offer to drive people to polls- call 228-4433 to schedule.

We are still waiting for the Montgomery County Board of Elections to certify the names to go on the ballot- at their meeting tomorrow, Friday, 11 June, 2010, at their 1 p.m. board meeting.


The bid to print the notification mailing was closed yesterday at 9:30 a.m. Bids were taken off the Montgomery County printing vendor list.

The Montgomery County BOE has to invest in new electronic poll books, and ballot on demand printers to pull this off. This process has never been done before. How well the results will stand up to legal scrutiny after the fact will be interesting.

Warren County will have its normal polling places open – for the parts of Warren that are in OH-3 You can find what Congressional district you are in here:

You can early vote today: 406 Justice Drive Lebanon, OH 45036-2394 (513) 261-1358 Until 4:00 pm.

Highland County:

Highland County Board of Elections is holding special hours to accommodate early voters and questions. The office will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Wednesday, 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursdays, Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and prior to July 10, on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon. The office will resume its regular schedule the week following the election.

For more information, contact the office at (937) 393-9961

via County to open two voting centers for 3rd Congressional District special election – The Highland County Press – Hillsboro, Ohio.

The Greenfield center will be held at the Good Shepherd Church, located at 12920 state Route 28 West in Madison Township, Greenfield Ohio 45123 (note- paper had a typo on address- it is correct here.)

The Hillsboro center will be located at the High Tec Center at 1575 N. High Street Hillsboro Ohio 45133 where the board of elections is located.

via County to open two voting centers for 3rd Congressional District special election – The Highland County Press – Hillsboro, Ohio.

The polling places will be open from 6:30 to 7:30 on July 13, but you can early vote today, the 12th at the BOE- until 5pm.

Clinton County

The Board of Elections has a PDF up that lists the four polling locations and the precincts assigned to them here:

You can vote today in Clinton until 4pm:

Clinton County Board of Elections 46 S. South Street, 1st Floor County Court House Wilmington, OH 45177

(937) 382-3537

UPDATE: 5:25 PM 12 July 2010

Montgomery County had 5707 absentee ballots requested 3346 are in so far. Counting begins tomorrow- first posted results at 7:30 PM. All results from Montgomery County should be posted by 9pm since there are only 4 polling places.


Military and overseas votes won’t be final until 25 days after. Appx 300 were requested.

Results will have to be tabulated by visiting all 4 BOE sites until late election day when a complete total will be posted on the Secretary of State site- as well as Montgomery County.

Esrati Campaign Flyer 1- A tribute to boxing posters

Tom Archdeacon, sports writer extraordinaire, and Mike Elsas- artist and gallery owner extraordinaire- are putting up an exhibit of Tom’s boxing posters and pictures from his long career covering boxing. Show opens tonight- on Brown Street in the Oregon District– right across from Thai 9- at the Color of Energy Gallery.

To frame up the kind of battle that I would give Mike Turner in November- I thought I’d put together a poster for the coming fight for your support. Click on the image below and you can download an 8.5x 11″ PDF and print it out- and I’ll have a few at the opening tonight.

Turner V Esrati- the smackdown flyer

Why have elections if they aren’t going to be interesting? If you want a 12×18, I’ll have them at the office- for a small donation.

Remember to request an absentee ballot and get it in early. If you live in Montgomery, Clinton or Highland Counties- the centralized voting may be fraught with difficulties.

Esrati files for OH-3, others will follow

At approximately 2:35 p.m. on June 7, Dayton Community Activist and small business owner David Esrati filed petitions containing 98 signatures to run in the July 13th special election for the Democratic party side of the OH-3 congressional ballot. Ohio-3 is an extremely gerrymandered district including a majority of Montgomery County, the northern part of Warren County and all of Clinton and Highland counties. The seat is currently held by former Dayton Mayor, Republican Mike Turner who first ran after losing the Dayton Mayoral race to Rhine McLin and the seat opened when  longstanding Democrat Tony Hall was lured out with a World Hunger Organization position and the district was redrawn to favor a Republican candidate.

Turner has accepted millions of dollars from special interest groups and is a favorite of Defense contractors, tobacco companies, Wall Street and insurance companies. He has approximately half a million on hand in his campaign treasury right now. He has coasted to victory in every race, despite being caught in a no-bid contract between the quasi-governmental Dayton Development Coalition and his wife, Lori’s marketing firm “The Turner Effect.” She also performed work for the Army Corps of Engineers while he sat on the Defense appropriations committee, and she held a GSA schedule to do work for the Federal Government while her husband was a sitting Congressman. Work for The Home Depot PAC was also exposed as a potential way around campaign finance laws, but was never investigated.

The special election was called after Dr. Mark MacNealy, who ran unopposed in the spring primary, dropped out. His campaign manager, Joe Roberts, was the only announced candidate before Esrati announced, but now former Dayton TV personality Guy N. Fogle of Miamisburg- an undeclared party candidate, Democrat C. Roger Gollihugh of Springboro, have also taken out petitions. A “Mack Van Hall” may also be turning in petitions according to Montgomery County Board of Elections, however the petition deadline isn’t until Thursday, June 10 {corrected Jun 9), and the petitions (Form 2E) are also available online courtesy of candidate Esrati.

The Board of Elections will meet in special session on Friday, June 11th to certify the candidates. The BOE may have Esrati’s petitions certified by Wednesday, June 9th at which point he will declare his candidacy officially (since declaring candidacy before the signatures have been ratified means nothing). Donations from individuals will begin to be accepted for Elect Esrati on that date.

Esrati ran in the Democratic Primary in 2008 for the OH-3 nomination, losing to Jane Mitakides who spent considerable sums of her own money losing to Turner by an even bigger margin than her 2004 outing.

Turner and Esrati first squared off in 1993, when they both ran against incumbent Mayor Richard Clay Dixon in a 6-way primary. In 1996, when Esrati caught Turner and the entire City Commission meeting illegally in “work sessions” discussing ways to eliminate citizen participation at Commission meetings, Esrati donned a black hood- and silently protested the proposed changes to the commission meetings. Turner had Esrati arrested, charged with four fourth-degree misdemeanors and pushed the city law department to prosecute and appeal every legal loss (the city lost all five cases) until finally given a choice of attempting to go to the U.S. Supreme Court or settle. The city cut a check to Esrati and his lawyers for $100,000 on Aug. 21, 1998. to end Turner’s vendetta. For a summary of that case, please see

In the time that Turner has been your Congressman, major employers have left the region due to the failures of crony capitalism, property values have dropped dramatically due to his unwillingness to have a meaningful discussion about banking practices and the Wall Street Casino and unemployment has reached record highs. In his eight years in office he has yet to author any significant reform bills to Congress. However, he has admitted that his earmarks are for sale to the highest bidder.

If there are multiple candidates that make the ballot, Esrati will call on the league of Women Voters to stage a debate between the candidates and will post it on YouTube.

Hypocrite Mike Turner- and the truth about tax incentives for economic development

I guess it’s OK for people in Georgia to pay for stealing our tax base, but, not OK for us to pay for the move.

At least that’s the logic that comes from our soul for hire Congressman Mike Turner:

U.S. Rep. Mike Turner, R-Centerville, argued that the stimulus request was part of an overall consolidation of jobs in Georgia stemming from NCR’s decision to move its world headquarters from Dayton to suburban Atlanta.

“The consolidation created, which included jobs from Ohio, is one big project and cannot be separated,” Turner said. “The administration has prevented Georgia from using our tax dollars to take jobs from Ohio.”

via Georgia city is denied $5.5M for NCR.

Of course, the City of Columbus Georgia has no shame, sucking up to NCR like a sick kid to ice cream. They will now pay for NCR’s “gift” of jobs out of their own cash tapped pockets. All while, CEO Bill Nuti hauls in his $2K hourly wage. That’s money paid to local government for the delivery of basic services like police and fire- going to pay for the promise of a few jobs, with no true guarantee of payback. If you need an example of how this kind of deal fails- look no farther than Springfield Ohio- that lavished money on local firm Qbase, with the promise of 100+ jobs in two years- only to see less than 5. See this post on the original deal- “Bad investments by government”

In fact, QBase went as far as to tell its Greene County employees to file taxes as working in Clark County. At least two employees, were advised by their CPA’s to file to get those taxes back- and did- showing work schedules that proved they worked less than 20 days in the Clark County masquerade. Unfortunately, real investigative journalism no longer happens in Cox Ohio land (publisher of the Dayton Daily News and The Springfield News Sun).

These kind of deals are pure poison to local governments who count on the short memories of tax payers, and political smoke and mirrors to distract people from gross misuse of tax dollars.

Turner, of course has no problems with giving away our tax dollars to private businesses- he was all for an earmark to NCR for work at WPAFB before they announced their move- but then turned around and told them to buy a Congressman in Georgia instead. See this post: Congressman Turner admits he’s for sale

He also has no problems with Qbase- an odd company that hires the same firm (Real Art) that his wife works with to deliver on no bid contracts to the Dayton Development Coalition. If you remember- The Turner Effect recklessly overcharged for the hapless “Get Midwest” campaign that came in at almost a million dollars. You can brush up on this Turner side show here: It still boggles my mind how a Congressman’s wife can have a GSA schedule to do work for the Government, or do work for Political Action Committees without serious ethics questions.

The reality is- tax dollars shouldn’t be used to “create jobs”- except for the delivery of services directly received by the tax payer. Police, fire, water, sewer, courts, street maintenance are all good investments for the common good.

Taxes supporting some industries while ignoring others are just a plain and simple redistribution of wealth. In fact, maybe the first law to be passed is that any corporation that has a Political Action Committee, or spends money on lobbyists- should be precluded from receiving any tax dollars for a period of at least 5 years. Turner used to receive significant backing from NCR and their PAC.

This won’t stop the kind of manipulation done by a company like Qbase which pushes employees to donate to politicians (Democrats and Republicans) as part of their employment (Qbase pushed employees to attend a $500 per couple fund raiser for Ted Strickland and also for top management to give $1000 ea to Congressman Steve Austria). The only thing that can clear this mess up is when someone from the Clark County Auditors office starts investigating where those 100+ jobs are (Qbase at top employment only reached 120- nationally) and what really came in from that investment.

Jobs come to communities where people want to live and work. Fundamentally, I believe that a level playing field should be one of the foremost goals of government. When we play favorites- as Turner has shown to do, all it does is leave us with memories of what we did when we did have money and the cash cow that fed us and them- as we continued to milk the system dry with our own short-sightedness.

Is the Turner Effect about to “Get DC”?

More than a few sources have told me that the Turner Effect has laid off many staffers and is about to close its doors. After the “Get Midwest” debacle, apparently clients weren’t that interested in associating themselves with an agency that grossly overcharges.

The Turner Effect is headed by OH-3 Congressman Mike Turner’s wife, Lori and it has served as a way to slip the Congressman funds outside of the campaign finance rules. The most obvious example: being hired by the Home Depot PAC to do promotions packages to be handed to members of Congress.

The other news seems to be that Mike Turner is about to do a Jon Husted (or follow in the footsteps of his beloved predecessor Tony Hall) and is moving to DC. The grapevine said that his kids are now living in DC with their grandmother- just waiting for Lori to close things up in Dayton.

An absentee congressman? Please note, this is all still unconfirmed, but I’m sure by posting this a few other sources will let me know the rest of the details.

Does Turner have an “oh shit, I lost” backup job waiting in DC? Or, has some lobbyist promised him a big job- or is he slotted for something else? We should know more in a week after the election for sure.

Keep tuned.