The premiere of the Esrati report

And, we’re off. Way off. From the screen shot to the audio, to the graphics- but, we thought we’d try to do a live video broadcast of all the news that’s news to the Dayton Daily news and the local tv stations.
We’ve got no idea what we’re doing but practice makes perfect.

Give us a few weeks and we hope to have things moving like clockwork. However, none of this will work unless you subscribe- on Youtube. Monetization isn’t possible until we have 1000 subscriptions and x numbers of actual viewing hours. We’ve got the hours- but, not the subscribers.

We’ll still have posts here on the site- this is in ADDITION to the only bastion of institutional knowledge based reporting here in Dayton.

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Here’s what you were supposed to have heard.

Welcome to the Esrati report. I’m David Esrati, and you don’t want to be me.

I’ve got a face for Radio and this is youtube live. Deal with it. We are going to try to make this interactive- so if you’re watching on Facebook- go to Youtube and say Hi.

In Dayton Ohio today, there were car accidents, robberies, house fires, restaurants opening and closing, opiate overdoses, but, if you want to hear about that we’ve got three TV stations and a newspaper that think that’s news.

I’ll also point out, to any of you outside the local viewing area (the rest of the world) – we don’t have hurricanes, floods, wild fires, earthquakes, water shortages, traffic gridlock or a shortage of affordable housing. One caveat- Xenia does get hit with an occasional tornado.

Not to be insensitive to California- but, we’ve got so much water- we literally built a whole city fire suppression system that we test hourly in the summer.

While there have been stories of voting recounts in Florida, Georgia and other places- there are still some voting recounts going on here. Nothing of consequence of course, because for the most part, Ohio is so gerrymandered voters can’t actually choose who will win- and also, many of our candidates are interchangeable- just look if they have a red tie or a blue tie to tell your flavor.

And while many places in the United States are struggling with the types of election tech, and in Ohio we have a different system in almost every county- our neighbors to the North in Canada actually figured this ballot thing long ago. See exhibit A. This is the format all Canadians use to vote and it actually works.

We could learn from Canada on Health Care here in Dayton, where two gods of health care are about to stack the Premier Side of the Teeter Totter. Yes, CHI which owns a bunch of Premier Health and Dignity Health are going to wed and make big medicine even bigger.

We’ve seen a potential new logo for the organization. The name New name will be Dignity And Respect Towards Health- or DARTH for short.

What does that mean for you? They absolutely have to tear down Good Sam as fast as possible to make sure no one from out of town comes in to use it as a hospital- and actually provide affordable health care in Dayton. Cleveland Clinic, The James, Cincinnati Mercy- please, come save us.

And if the hospital can’t be used as a hospital- maybe we should turn it into a giant mental health and drug addiction center? We could empty out the jail and solve a lot of the real health care problems in Dayton.

In other news, the Montgomery County Democratic party hasn’t yet realized that the county turned Red in the last election and that their brand of Democratic party isn’t working. Don’t worry, the national Dems haven’t figured out that Nancy Pelosi is a punch line to all failings of this country in the flyover states and that her brand of Democratic party is just as used up.

Nancy, if you’re listening, turn your hearing aides up and let some new folks take over.  The fact that Donald Trump endorsed you for House leader should be an instant giveaway that you’re not helping.

Speaking of not helping. Who’s the genius at “Ohio Means Jobs” who keeps putting distribution warehouses at the Monroe exit on I75 between Dayton and Cincinnati? The road is already a disaster at rush hour- and in case you didn’t notice- no one lives there. You just put a bunch of low wage warehouse jobs so far away from low wage workers that, well, you caused more problems than you solved. Maybe you need a new job?

The strife continues at Wright State. While there is a 10% drop in enrollment, the board is still focused on everything but marketing and increasing enrollment. Oh, and they are still hemorrhaging money. Yes- that’s real footage, they actually meet in the dark, to show they are in the dark. They lost a million three on the stupid deal they did to build a training center for the base called ATIC- then, they got hit with a million dollar fine to agree to shut up, cooperate and not be a bad university when it comes to illegal use of H1 B visas.

The fine, imposed by the US District Attorney for the department of Justice, will be paid by taxpayers and students- not the people that actually broke the law, who mostly continued to get paid even after they got caught. I’m wondering what happens if the University decides NOT to pay the fine? Will the Department of Justice lock up Rowdy Raider once and for all? Or, will they come in and confiscate the parking lots? Really, Mr. Harvard attorney, if this is your idea of a win for the justice system, they didn’t teach you much at Harvard law.

Amazon did not pick Dayton Ohio for HQ2. Yes, I know this is old news, but, it’s actually good news. Both Queens and Crystal City are now wishing they hadn’t been picked. But, crony capitalism and corporate welfare are still alive and well in America. Having lost NCR, Teradata, and now most of LexisNexis to the same kind of BS, when will some of the spineless folks that we just elected finally just say no to the corporate job creation crack pipe that they all like to brag about? Remember the first part of this broadcast, where I talked about Dayton not having wildfires, hurricanes, water shortages etc- yeah, well, we’re just like Flint and the rest of America with lead waterlines slowly poisoning us all…. Maybe instead of giving tax dollars to Jeff Bezos- you’d actually start investing in the people he needs to keep his beast of a business running on all cylinders.

Now it’s time for local political analysis- something you won’t find anywhere else but here on Esrati TV in Dayton Ohio. What’s next for Nan Whaley now that she can’t go work in a cabinet job for Rich Cordray? Her life as Mayor has already gotten slightly more difficult since my Darryl (Fairchild) beat her Daryl (Ward) for the commission seat formerly occupied by her sidekick Joey Williams. You can make her life miserable by starting to collect signatures to run for the two weakest commission seats- those held by Chris Shaw and Matt Joseph- who have never faced real competition. Get your 500 plus 300 insurance signatures together as soon as possible before it gets really cold. This could be a fun election. Advice to all you budding commissioners- get the voter walking lists and go door to door to collect signatures only from people on those lists- or you won’t make it on the ballot. Trust me.

We’re also waiting for the local democratic party to pick a replacement for County Treasurer Carolyn Rice – and for the Republicans to replace the sheriff Phil “The torturer” Plummer who is now “moving up” for a pay cut as a state rep. Phil, we won’t miss you at all.

In the meantime, for some odd reason, the statehouse, which will stay red as blood after January, is rushing to make sure you can shoot anyone you want without the responsibility to first retreat by trying to pass the “stand your ground” bill- which Kasich won’t sign but DeWine probably will- and to put in place the heartbeat abortion bill which DeWine has already said he would sign- but Kasich has turned down. It’s going to take us back to the wild west when it comes to shooting and coat hangers in back alleys for abortion. Way to go Ohio!

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We’ll try to do this everyday- in a shortened version- around the same time- to tell you all the news that’s news to the Dayton Daily news and the local tv stations.

For now, signing off and sayonara- this is David Esrati, the most dangerous man in Dayton.

Reminding you that a little knowledge can get you in a whole heap of trouble.

Live video streaming takes a bit of practice. But, we’ll get it down. Thank you for watching.


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